self-loveWhen a person is aligned with healthy self-love they are at peace, trusting their intuition. They have an understanding of what constitutes true Source. When a person lives their life loving themselves, their capacity to love others grows naturally. Contrary to what many people believe, those that love themselves deeply do not spend the majority of their days thinking about themselves. The peace that accompanies self-love provides ample room in their consciousness and their life to think of others, to care for others, to share with others and to think of true Source God/Goddess. They feel and know their own heart well enough to be free of competitive and comparison consciousness and the need to be right. Their energy and attention gives loving allowance for all others to do as they see fit and believe what they believe until such a time they themselves are awakened to a greater truth.

Self Care and Trust:

Those who give of themselves with no regard for their own well-being do not resonate with self love. A person who lives in the vibration of healthy self-love knows when to say no and when to rest, they know what is the best thing to do to maintain their own health and follow through with that knowledge exhibiting unspoken wisdom and vitality. Healthy self-love supports an open mind and an open heart with courage enough to do what is felt to be the best choice in any given situation. They trust their inner knowing. A daily spiritual practice of meditation and prayer helps to cultivate self love and the beautiful feeling of wellness and belonging that goes with it because it strengthens God Consciousness. Self-love is allowing the love of God to express through us unobstructed.

We are Whole Beings:

To care and nurture the physical body is an important part of self-love. A healthy body makes life easier but healthy self-love is more than taking care of ones body temple. Healthy self-love pays kind attention to the emotional body, the mental body as well as our soul and the spiritual body. We are meant to be whole and when one part is suffering it has a detrimental effect on other parts.

* If the mind is not light, free and positive it will energize negative emotions, which will affect the body even if the person eats all the right foods and exercises.

*  If a person has happy thoughts and is generally exhibiting an outward happy mood but has a poor diet and does not exercise sooner or later the vitality of the body temple will break down.

* If a person demonstrates a good nature but the nature of their inner world is polluted with regret, jealousy, fear or unresolved anger it doesn’t matter if the mask they wear each day is a smile, a balancing of energy will sooner or later surface revealing the disconnect caused by hidden feelings and thoughts.

 inner conflictDrain of Inner Conflict:

When we are in conflict, our inner world and our outer world do not match, our dreams and desires are faded or possibly forgotten, we tend to treat our body poorly, we tend to treat others poorly, we wear down and wear out. Self-love will seem like a foreign concept at best. To begin resolving the inner conflict begins with recognizing the conflicts. It is worth the time to consciously discover what feels harmonious in your life and what doesn’t. Once you have a good handle on what is not working start making changes. It takes less energy to make changes than to remain conflicted.

Who is self consumed?

A person who does not exhibit healthy self-love is more apt to be self-consumed. The mental and emotional struggle one goes through attempting to make sense of life when they do not love themselves has a damaging effect on the spirit, the soul, the body and the overall nature of the individual. It also has a damaging effect on relationships. The negative thoughts and fears create separation from true Source and absorb much of their time and attention. This leaves little room for gratitude, concern for others, appreciation for the Creator and the awareness that we ourselves are creators of our life.

Self-love is not about identifying or obsessing over ones physical appearance, money, career or possessions. There have been people who had the perfect model body but had no body consciousnesses. In other words, they could not hear the true needs and nature of the body, which leads to disconnect and break down. If a person identifies their happiness and self love with a job, what happens when it is gone? Self-love holds us up while we walk through the trials and tribulations of life. We will see things come and go and still remember who we are. We are living in times of great change. Self love is essential.

Let the Love Flow Let the Love Flow:

Self love is love that flows through the whole being, all aspects are cared for. Some of the delicious attributes are happiness, inspiration, vitality, a feeling of belonging, courage, trust and faith. Self-love opens the gateway for taking responsibility for our total well being with no need to expend energy blaming, shaming or judging. Self-love is freedom from the old way of living life with shackles and bonds. It is living life authentic, honest, and present.

Imagine what this world will feel like when we all vibrate at the rate of self-love.

It all begins with you and me.

Let’s allow God’s love to express through us.

Let’s vibrate at the rate of self-love.

love, Astara