Many people are getting anxious as much in their life begins to shift and change. We, as people, have not been very comfortable with change. The uncertainty strikes fear in the hearts of many. When was the last time you were faced with an unknown future and found yourself at peace? Here is the funny part: the future is in so many ways always a mystery and unknown. We just think we have it all figured out for a time.

“When the mind is in a state of uncertainty the smallest impulse directs it to either side.”~ Terence.

Bringing In New Information:

The great shift is upon us. Our consciousness is beginning to broaden with new information. This information is coming to all seekers fast and furious. Bringing in new spiritual information seems to help makes sense of a world going mad. Many are opening to the nature of spirit in a way like never before. Some are finding spiritual growth comforting and others are bringing in so much information with no time spent on integrating it into everyday life. The new food for thought needs to be digested if it is to bring any nourishment to the soul.

As we grow and evolve we discover that evolution is not just about using the new age lingo (words) or memorizing spiritual passages. It is less about becoming a healer and more about becoming whole and healed. Somewhere in all that information there comes a time when it must be tested, experienced, felt, it must be practiced or it simply becomes a restless quest with no goal in reality.

Turning Knowledge into Wisdom:

How will you discover your path if you are not integrating new information or your spiritual practice into your everyday ordinary life? It is one thing to read about kindness and it is another to be kind in all situations. It is one thing to know it is wise to have a healthy diet and exercise. It is another to truly exercise and have a healthy diet. For knowledge to become wisdom it must become an active expressing part of you. Indecision and refusing to make a commitment to ones growth will bring many problems for individuals in all areas of their life.

(mandala image~Richard Waters)

Balance Is Key:

We must always look at our inner motivation. What is the illusion under which we are living our life? The time has come to balance our spiritual nature with the physical world. There is no balance in all things spiritual while neglecting our earthly responsibilities and that includes our health. There is no real joy in ignoring our spirit in favor of only earthly material gains. Balance the spiritual and the physical bringing together heaven and earth or there will be nothing more than a restless quest with no sustainable joy or understanding.

Do the Work~Walk Your Talk:

We must discover what patterns need to be broken so we may free ourselves and find peace in these rapidly changing times. If you have participated in a particular spiritual practice that no longer feels good to you it may be signaling a time to expand your horizons. Take with you what works and let go of the rest. If you have no spiritual practice or study explore deeper aspects of yourself. There is a path deep within every one of us that leads to the treasure of our soul. It leads to wholeness and connection to Source. Be brave; find your path, the one that leads to your own heart. When you find your path within do your best to walk your path upon the earth. Herein lies the promise of new life. Herein lies the promise of change with Grace and ease. Take action when it is called for and rest when you need to rest. Be true to yourself. Walk your Talk 🙂

Love, Astara