The influence of the mind can be troublesome and sometimes absurd. Everyday we face the challenge to move away from the preoccupation of other spaces and other times. If we can master the ability to remain present most of our waking hours and remain alert to what is happening in the “here and now” we make ourselves available to what comes our way. How many opportunities have been missed because of the inability to be present? For me personally, too many.

We have allowed the mind to become the master leading us in ways that rarely support happiness, self acceptance and healthy self love. When the mind is the master, we have lost the natural ability to attune ourselves to the inner guidance that seeks our attention. Generally speaking, most people hesitate or are reluctant to follow internal guidance because they simply do not trust it. It speaks quietly like a whisper, yet with desire and practice we can begin to hear and learn to recognize the voice of divine guidance and begin to trust it.

For our Growth:

Sometimes our internal guidance is asking us to look at what we are clinging to. Are we clinging to our time resisting the opportunity to share it with others or as a way of protecting ourselves from the risk of expressing love? Are we afraid of what that might entail? Anything we cling to has a way of becoming stagnant and decays. Our mind can convince us that we must protect and hold tight to our possessions regardless of what they are. Our inner and outer treasures lose their luster and become useless when we cling to them and resist the natural flow of sharing.

Feel the Unity ~ Feel the Love:

Our internal guidance may have us looking at whether or not we feel like an outsider. The sole purpose of this exploration provides us an opportunity to liberate ourselves from this falsehood and discover our right place. The workings of the mind can have us feeling small, left out and helpless but is this really true? If your mind is playing this tape, it is time to put a stop to it and relieve yourself of the burden and pain that comes with it. Quiet your mind, take a nice walk in nature and feel the unity of love. You can discover the roots of this false belief and set yourself free. Love is the great connector.

Stand up for what you believe:

The mind, unchecked, plays a role in leading us to compromise our truth. With the intention of understanding a different point of view we can certainly meet some one half way honestly and sincerely. This is far different than allowing our own truth to remain hidden. What are we afraid of or what are we attempting to gain by hiding our truth through the guise of compromise? Our internal guidance will attempt to get our attention if we are hiding our truth. Sometimes we can feel it in our body and sometimes a thought form floats through our consciousness. Are we alert to what is happening in the “here and now” making ourselves available to the workings of internal guidance?

“The Gift of Patience is Patience.” St. Augustine

When we quiet our mind we find there is a time when all that is asked of us is to be patient. Everything has it own divine timing. A flower blooms when the conditions are right and it is ready. Humans push and pull, rush and stall loosing the inner guidance of right time and right place which in turn produces less than optimal right action.

There are days when life is not about being clever, or superior or brilliant. There are times in life when “ordinary” is perfect and totally enough. If we are able to enjoy the ordinary things in life we will grow to see how they too are extraordinary in their own way. Take it easy, slow down. Enjoy the simple things in life. They are enough. This happiness alone will lead to many extraordinary people and events.

When the Time is Right/Ripe

When we are ready to share our gifts, talents and knowledge with others accept the challenge and the responsibility. Be bold and step out. Nurturing our gifts to fullness is key to unlocking the doors of untold possibilities. Feel what you feel and keep moving offering your gifts and talents to others and to the world. Your courage alone will inspire others to share their gifts, talents and knowledge as well. Love begets love, courage begets courage, truth begets truth and so it goes.

We all have hopes and fears, dreams and desires. The time has come to quiet our over-active chattering mind so we may find our way to our own heart centers once again. From this place of balanced heart we will experience the truth of our own divinity.

As in the words of Chang Tzu, ” To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

When things in life seem to be too much or not enough, give yourself the gift of time and if you are in a special hurry, “time” can be a little as 5 minutes. Sometimes the only thing to do is breathe while becoming very aware of your breathing. Simply stop what you are doing, close your eyes, turn your attention inward, rest in your heart center and breathe a conscious grateful breath. This is a form of meditation. As the external world fades you begin to relax into the awareness of your inner world. Now the whisper of your inner guide has an opportunity to reach you. Our inner guide could be our higher Self, a guardian angel, the Divine Mother or God. The voice is soft, sweet, powerful, true and loving.

When we hear it we are attuned to our internal guidance. Our mind is no longer running our life. Our mind becomes helpful and useful. Life is not black and white. It is colorful. We relax our need to control. We learn to consciously direct our energy to that which resonates with our desire and our love. This puts an end to the inner conflict that steals much of our time, energy and attention. This shift in consciousness makes greater resources available to us. This increase in energy ensures we are better equipped to consciously create the life we desire.

May you hear the quiet voice of true internal guidance and when you hear it may you trust it enough to take action.

May you be happy, awake and aware of your divinity and your personal power to create the best life ever.

There is no better time than now to :

Live Life Whole, Happy and Free

May It Be So and So Be It

love, Astara