Twining of Anger and Sadness

Twining of Anger and Sadness


To preface this post: We are living in times of turbulent unrest. Much of the world has been experiencing this for a long time and are now watching the US with mixed emotions. Here in the US we are seeing an escalation of “what has been there all along.” The hatred and injustice can no longer be hidden. It is no longer being tolerated. The twining of anger and sadness is evident.

Underneath emotions that are out of balance is fear. It sits at the core having its way wearing many faces. I will not be discussing fear in this post but rather focus on two big players, anger and sadness. Anger can be as small as frustration or as large as rage. Sadness can be an uncomfortable tug at the heart or as deep as grief. I will use the words anger and sadness to streamline the message.

Humans are a grand mix of emotions. This does create confusion leading to further unrest, denial, increased anger with the propensity of creating circles of misinformation. The cycle can spin in one’s own mind, however, when done long enough the energy will build to effect the environment surrounding them.

Regardless of appearances, I sense we are all seeking clarity. How one goes about it will undoubtedly have a direct impact on the outcome.  In some form or fashion, we all need to come to the understanding that what is going on around us began within us. To make change sustainable we must begin within. What are we thinking, saying, and what are we feeling? How are we caring for our body, mind and spirit?  Slow down enough to get a sense of your whole self. Slow down to get a handle on the multitude of thoughts crossing your mind. Practice being a witness rather than judge and/or jury. We all need to pause often enough to hear the body speak directing us to its needs. We all need to still our mind often to hear the whisper of Divine Guidance. Once you hear, apply appropriate action.

The Twining of Anger and Sadness:

When an individual is very angry, the energy of sadness is often overlooked. The same holds true when a person is very sad.  Anger is not recognized due to the focus on how sad or depressed you are. When one emotion is dominant other vibrations are overlooked.

When viewing our emotions from an elemental point of view, anger is fire. Some of the expressions that describe anger are, fiery, hot head, burning with rage, explosive temper and so on.  Sadness is the water element. It too has its plethora of expressions, a few of them being drowning in sorrow, a pool of tears and the like.

To see them in relation to the elements we can see how too much fire can and will burn us out. Excessive fire can hurt others and often does. We need our fire. This element plays an important role. Anger can clear up misunderstandings, initiate a healthy boundary. When the fire element is expressed as passion it brings light to our life and direction to our creativity. The fire element balanced and tempered with good communication (Air element), a feeling of understanding and love (Water element) and grounded in the purpose of creating a positive change (Earth element) keeps life moving along. We grow and expand our conscious horizons. When anger is out of balance becoming to hot for mental clarity, allow our water element to move to tame the fire into a healthy release. This can be as easy as drinking water or using a cool cloth at the nap of the neck. If you find yourself expressing anger with excessive fire energy go deeper. Is sadness present as well? If so, what message does this energy want to convey?  I believe we desire happiness, peace and sense of good will. Life gives us opportunities to grow. There is nothing wrong with getting angry once in awhile. To remain in a state of anger over long periods of time is detrimental to one’s health. It speaks volumes about what you are not willing to learn.

In the same way when one is drowning in sorrow, the sadness can pull you down into a state of depression. The heaviness can have a detrimental affect on those who attempt to keep others afloat if they do not have a healthy boundary and a clear vision of what can and can not be done for another. To remain too long in the throws of so much sadness can extinguish the flame or passion for life. This leaves the person depressed; sometimes to the point of feeling debilitated, unable to move. Realizing there is anger underneath all the sadness can spark a flame, create some heat and evaporate some of the heaviness brought about by too much sadness. Remember, we do not want to dry up the water with excessive fire. The aim is to lighten the load with the realization of what lies underneath the sadness. Turn on some tribal drum music, take a walk, pick up your pace as you go. This work wonders for igniting some fire, then ask yourself, ” What makes me angry?”

Harmony between anger and sadness is the realization that they are both present. That rise in awareness brings a rise in consciousness that can and will lead to an expression closer to the bigger truth. Seeing more of what disrupts your inner peace brings you closer to it.

Anger and sadness entwined. Unwind the mystery of your emotions through the process of honoring them and looking deeper into what you are feeling. We are complex beings, I agree. We are intelligent as a species. Our intelligence must expand to include emotional intelligence. For this to happen every one of us must take on the responsibly of knowing thyself better than before.

We are emotional. Our emotions say a lot about who we have become. If your emotions are unable to move or move with extreme velocity, there is “work” to be done. If you are confused by how you feel take the time to begin understanding yourself. It appears many people spend a great deal of time questioning the motives of others. This leaves little time to really understand themselves. Come to know thyself. A light will shine bringing an understanding of what is happening within you and around you. The path of mastering your consciousness includes understanding your emotions and realigning with your own personal power.

I hope this is helpful. The world needs emotional intelligent humans. The world needs a rise in compassion, love and understanding. The better you understand yourself the greater the wave of collective positive change will be created. I thank you for doing your part no matter how big or small. It all matters. We all matter. We are matter.

Love, Astara