Today is not a day for striving. I search within for the inspiration to work in or on my business but come up rather dry. The direction I am choosing is giving me cause to surrender and course correct in some uncertain way so that I may feel the wellspring of divine energy flowing freely. Clearly my true direction is not obvious to me. I step back and out of my own way so the obscure has room to become clarity within my open mind and willing heart.

Some days are not meant for striving, pushing upward and onward. Some days are designed for us to relax into the nothingness of the day. The sounds that surround me are many and yet few. It all depends upon where I place my attention.

So it is that I came here to simply write my thoughts as they slowly pass through my somewhat empty mind. I really do not mind an empty mind and I am not anxious to fill it up with nonsense nor self generated demands.

An Easy Mind has Room

A few lovely things surface such as the mantra for removing fear in an ancient language, which feels as familiar to me as the word “hello.” I let it swim through my mind: it leaves no ripples behind. My mind is like a calm, clear, mountain lake. Then a verse from the Bhagavad-Gita that I wrote in a recent post floats by slow and graceful “Lift up the self by the Self and don’t let the self droop down.” Deep within I feel my Self, peaceful and true and I agree to chill out on the notion I must accomplish some grand thing today. Today is not a day for striving.

Simple Life

How simple life is and can always be. There are days when I am filled with inspiration doing this and that with great energy and passion but today is not one of those days. The passion for life itself burns brightly yet the impulse of this day is nothing more than allowing myself to become more comfortable in my own skin while discovering greater reservoirs of inner peace.

So different is my current reality from days gone by. I love my memories as they keep me humble and out of judgment. I clearly remember days when I could not bear to be silent or still.  Any distraction would do regardless of consequences and there were many. It has been a long and winding road as the song goes yet as I become more of who I truly am I see a much straighter path. That is not to say I can see for miles and miles and no mystery will I encounter. Nay: on the contrary. I see the light yet within the brightness much of the mystery eludes me. I feel it stir awaiting my readiness before it presents itself. My current state of being is growing ever closer to what I have always been.

Choosing is Action

I am not without action. There is action in choosing the spiritual warriors retreat. Such stillness is a decision and so I move slowly through this day mindful of the potency that lies beyond my ability to know it and to see it. So here I am, here I rest and here I trust.

It is near 4:00 in the afternoon and it is the first time today that I am moved to express in a way that I can share with another. This sharing is about the beauty that resides in the day that asks us to stop striving and to simply be, to simply relax. Days such as these are filled with inspiration and illumination if we would honor the stillness enough to receive this offering. Today happens to be the Summer Solstice, a time of stillness. I am grateful to be aware of it and grateful to be in it.

And So It Is

To the best of our ability let’s honor days such as these whenever they present themselves and see them as potent times to connect with Source. It is a time of creating our reality powerfully in this quiet place of present time, the now. The old way of pushing past this auspicious time, seeing it as inconvenient simply perpetuates our lost connection with True Source and adds to our suffering.

This pause is not about being lazy or letting the world cave in around our ears. The more we begin to connect with discernment the more disclaimers of such a nature will be unnecessary. Still we are young in our growth as a whole being so I want to be clear and therefore make this distinction, so when the day comes that beacons you to be still for your own sake, the sake of your health and total wellness you will not dismiss it as an inconvenience. And if you are stuck in stagnation you will not see this as an excuse to remain there.

With that said I move once again to a quiet space until my spirit inspires me and my soul informs me to expand into the next moment.

May you be blessed in all ways always,

love, Astara