Short excerpt from a chapter in my up coming book:

Personal Power is high vibrating energy loaded with love, patience, heart essence, endurance, hope, discernment, kindness, desire and passion.

It is energy that radiates from the Heart Center of all individuals who are in alignment with who they are and with All That Is. Personal Power is given in abundant supply when in alignment with Mother/Father God also known as Source.

Those with true personal power know of its never-ending supply. With this knowledge comes a greater sense of peace and grace. There is no desire and no need to take energy from any other individual. There is no need and no desire to make others believe as they do. Loving allowance radiates from the heart center of all beings standing in their personal power. It is the gift given to all who open to receive the powerful vibration of pure love.

Absence of  Personal Power:

Some of the avenues used by individuals who are not in alignment with their personal power are manipulation, control, and abuse of power. Abuse of power in this sense is not true power but power believed to be real by the position they hold or the money they have. It is something outside them and as such can be gone in a literal heartbeat. The tyrant is always seeking and finding a victim. The victim always attracts a tyrant.

The same individual who is not standing in his or her power can shift roles in different situations. Example: One plays the role of victim at work with an over bearing boss. When they get home they play the role of the tyrant, king of the castle, as an unconscious attempt to balance the abuse of the day. Both victim and tyrant alike is anyone who does not have acceptance for who they are and are therefore living in the painful place of being separated from Source and consequently from their own true personal power.

True Personal Power:

The energy field of true personal power expands way beyond the physical body. It vibrates gentle and strong. In the face of adversity and negativity the energy field maintains its integrity. It does not collapse under the pressure of low vibrations. The individual is very capable of “ holding their space’ as it were. One who emanates personal power has nothing to prove and intuitively knows where to go and when to leave. The resonance or lack of resonance with others is neither a surprise nor a problem.

One who is truly standing in their personal power has the ability to speak their truth with discernment, kindness and with a good sense of timing. The energy is heart centered. When speaking or listening from the heart center the language of love is the language shared.

Growing in Love:

Those who are not in their personal power, disconnected from Source, can feel as though the ones who are; are speaking a different language. In many ways this is true. The language of love sounds foreign to those who are tuned into the language of fear. Patience is the guide here and one who is truly in their power has no need or agenda to make the other “see”. Rather they allow the vibration that they are, speak for them when words are too much or not enough. Silence is golden as love radiates unobstructed from an open heart.

Many people are moving ever closer to aligning fully with Source. There is a growing sense of unity. On some level everyone knows there is no end to the supply of love and light when aligned with Source. This truly is an abundant universe and as such prosperity is available to everyone. We must open to receive and be willing to give. Lighten up just a little more each day. A warm smile, a thoughtful gesture, a kind word all bring a little more light and love into our days and into the day of those we meet and think of. 🙂 Light attracts light and love grows. Faith and trust can move mountains. The spiritual warrior within us knows the time is now!

Stand tall and true and be YOU!

Peace and love