I have lived great pieces of time in solitude. It may not make me an expert but it does make me experienced.  What is life, if not experience? Fore how can one truly know anything if it is not felt deep within the heart. All things learned in books must one day settle upon the fertile prepared soil of our soul and sprout forth as experience.

Quiet alone time offers the  opportunity to know our thoughts, to connect with Mother/Father God and with nature. It gives rise to the creative energy that longs to flow through us if we would only allow it to do so. All it really takes is a little time and attention. Treasures within are waiting to spring forth. We needn’t pressure ourselves to be perfect in the creative expression of choice. We needn’t be famous poets, artist, musicians. Simply put, we and the world around us would benefit from the flow of creative energy.

I share with you a piece from my journal:

There is a quiet in the air, so grateful am I.

With time alone tonight I will paint. My senses are aroused, by the soft wind blowing through my hair and across my skin, and the smell of cinnamon.

The distant soft murmur of traffic sounds like waves touching the shore line, a backdrop for the close and familiar sounds of nature. The birds sing so merrily the bees and insects buzzing busily. I see the wonder and beauty of roses growing strong and purposeful. What purpose you may ask, to share their beauty of course.

My face feels the familiar smile that rises up so often in a day, seemingly for no reason. But there is a reason. The sun does shine within my heart. Peace permeates my mind and my soul. Light shines upon my thoughts they are forever rising. There is a transformation that takes place when words come in sweet poetry. It must be love. It is love, a love for life. This life is the most precious gift we have been given.

I pray that all who have grown to curse their life or the life of others come to see the light that shines even in the darkest places. It may only be a glimmer, it may only be a spark but the light that pours forth will create an arc igniting the truth within that waits patiently to speak. Judge no man. Curse no life. Let love expand, be done with strife.

The next part of this journal entry became a little poem:

As I write I hear a little thud

and come to discover a helicopter bug

he is busy checking out my hat

probably wondering, what is that?

No nectar, no life what could this be?

still it’s piqued my curiosity.

As I look upon him he holds ever still

I think i gave him a little chill.

My thoughts inform him I have only good intent

Take your time be content.

With that thought he begins to crawl about

investigating this new territory.

He seems to say, feels safe feels fine I’ll stay for a time

and so you shall.

I share this with you just to show how simple and joyful nature and the creative flow can be. I did not have a picture of a helicopter bug. Not even sure that is what it is called but that was what I remember it to be from my childhood 🙂

May you give yourself time alone, may you let your love flow with the creative energy that longs to move through you.