The new year is upon us. It always amazes me how fast the first week fly’s by. The next thing you know we are already in the spring. Yes, time is going faster but we do not have to go faster to keep up. In fact in many ways it is really just the opposite. When we slow down and take notice of our environment, the needs of our body, mind and soul we gain a peaceful clarity that shows us a way to accomplished much without all the stress of being strongly attached to time. I will talk about how time bends in another post but for now trust that relaxing into this new year will provide the energy and insight for you to experience all you hope for and then some, including play time and time to relax.

Clear Your Space:

Clutter is a huge energy drain. Having excess things stacked on counter tops, in closets, on your desk, on the floor, in a garage, attic or storage unit can weigh much heavier upon your body, mind and soul than you think. This year, love yourself enough to lighten up. Take the time to clear your space. If you have children let them participate in the clearing. Lead the way.

How may things do you and your family have that are no longer being used? How many clothes do you have that are not being worn? How many books do you have that you will never read again? How many unnecessary and maybe even cracked or broken dishes do you have in your cupboard? The list goes on and on. If you have a 2 car garage and no car fits in the garage or you are paying for a storage unit you may have plenty of things that you have actually forgotten about. Anything that has been stored, stacked or boxed for a year is probably something you do not need.

Lighten UP 🙂

The new year is a good time to slim down so to speak. I find it easy to do when I realize two simple things:

1) I no longer need, want, wear or use it.

2) Someone else may really like it, need, use, or wear it.

Donating items to half way houses, shelters for women and children and the homeless provides for those who are less fortunate. It also gives you an opportunity to realize you have a lot you can share. Clearing your space may also have you taking many things to the trash as well.

To live in a home or apartment that is simple, clean and open is a reflection of your own inner world. As it goes, a living environment that is loaded with clutter is also a reflection of ones inner world. When you begin clearing your space (your outer world) relieving yourself of things you do not need or use, you actually begin to positively affect the way you feel on the inside. You will reduce your stress level*

Something New:

Bringing in something new doesn’t pertain to new things alone. When you clear your space you will be blessed with new perspectives, a fresh out look, the feeling of openness and the opportunity to relax. Clutter can actually make people feel agitated, restless or lethargic. In fact too much “stuff ” becomes an anchor weighing us down. Too often people are unconscious of the weight but it is felt non the less. It puts a damper on the beauty of true relaxation, a time when one can recharge their batteries both mentally and physically.

We will find greater health and happiness when we take the time to truly relax our body and our mind. We need an environment that supports that. Letting go of the excess can provide just such an environment. In this way less is more. More room, more peace, more time and  more open space. It is like a breath of fresh air! There is something intrinsically beautiful about knowing the universe does provide and though action on our part is necessary, our participation includes rest.

2011~Light As A Feather:

When we clear our space and our clutter “something new” will translate to a feeling of lightness as you literally lighten your load. When you let things go you may discover you have emotional attachments to certain material objects. Honor your feelings and continue clearing your space. Emotional attachment is not uncommon and is all too often the reason many people surround themselves and sometimes burying themselves under the weight of excessive materialism.

Give yourself the gift of clearing your space this year. If you clear some old emotional baggage in the process so much the better. You will find that even though time is moving faster than ever you can slow down and enjoy the new year with a clear, uncluttered, clean open environment. A place where you can breath, think and feel your creativity bubble up to the surface. You will laugh later on in the year when you realize you haven’t missed a thing and may not even remember what those things were. Better yet, you may have brought great joy to another with possessions you no longer need. Live Whole, Happy and Free. In this case, free from the burden of too much stuff. 🙂

May you all be blessed in this new year.

Master your Consciousness by living more Consciously *

Peace, Astara