beautiful light

Jesus said,” If you bring forth what is within in you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

This is powerful and worthy of contemplation.

Good times and challenges:

If you are in a dark place~ know that there is an end. Do not feed the folly or give credence to the voice that says “this is all there is” or “this will never end.” That voice is deception. It is denial. It is the fearful wounded aspect of self and it is false.

Remind yourself of the truth.

The light is present and soon I will see it. It is within me. The light has never left.  I am simply finding my way home.  I will persevere. This is my choice.

Find …. yes I will Find my way Home to the light, where I can see the beauty that life is. In the light, life itself opens to me in such a way that I am able to see the love, wonder, and the possibilities.  I embrace life with all that I am. This is the truth.

The Voice Within:

This voice that soothes with love and honesty, with courage and patience in the dark and in the light is the voice of Mother/Father God speaking through the soul of our being that is awake and aware of His presence.

Remember, present actions have an effect on future desires. This includes the thoughts we entertain. We travel through the darkness clearing and making room for spiritual expansion. The light of spirit, the love of God, when called upon will illuminate our path and vibrate hope~ a positive expectation without attachment. This lifts us as we make our way through the dark passage, reminding ourselves that the dawn is coming and more will be revealed.

Renewed Power to Decide:power to choose to decide

Greater clarity will fuel our decisions. Making decisions fuels our courage and inner strength. Our inner strength then fuels better and more courageous decisions and so it goes until a new pattern is born. One step at a time takes you somewhere. Walk toward love, walk toward light, starting with our thoughts as we allow our emotions to express honestly. With our thoughts, direct the energy in motion ( emotion) to rise up and come into resonance with love. Emotions free from repression raise our overall frequency. This is transformation, this is healing. Bring forth what is in you and it will save you.

Astara Energy ArtThe Journey:

As one walks through the underworld of their own subconscious, they face fears that may have been long forgotten.  Forgetting them does not rid us of them as the vibrational pattern continues to send a message out into the world whether we acknowledge it or deny it. The vibration is true. This is one of many reasons so many people are taking the time to discover who they are under all the pain and confusion. They are looking for the light within. This is a worthy journey indeed.

There are many things hidden within us that must be worked out. We can do this a little at a time and as we do we develop our intuition, skills of discernment and grow to gain emotional maturity. Our ability to love and be loved reaches new heights. Kindness becomes a way of living everyday life whether we are in the dark for a moment or two or standing in the light because we have begun to remember. With a calm contemplative mind the light of our spirit illuminates events in life and we can see them for what they really are.  This opens the way for making choices that are supportive and appropriate for our growth.

Phases of Growth:ever changing life

Periods of growth are often followed by times of suspended activity. Times of suspended activity are needed for contemplation and review of ones life path. These times are typically not appreciated. Our way of life puts extraordinary emphasis on activity and feeling good. However, there are many other phases in growth and in life that must be nurtured and respected for evolution to be on going and sustainable. Time of suspended activity is one of them.

Emotions become quiet during times of contemplation, a time of shedding light on inner truths. When looking at our reflection in a still clear pool of water, with the light of the sun or the moon, we are able to get a good look at ourselves. When the water is murky or turbulent, no matter how much light is shining upon it,  we simply cannot see much at all.  This is true of our mind as well. In the calm one can truly embrace their spiritual path and bolster not only self-esteem but also courage to forge ahead when the impulse and inspiration of activity emerges from this quiet contemplative phase.

Those liberating themselves from old wounds find themselves in a dark place for a time. Do not despair. Instead Remember. There is light. The dawn is near. Let the pure light within guide you, speak to you, become you. Then each time you journey deeper you will not be afraid, you will be ready and steady because you will remember who you are. We are the divine children of a most loving Creator.

Will the soul that resides within listen and take heed of the inspired thoughts of spirit? Will the light of spirit within acknowledge the response of the soul and take all things into consideration? Contemplate, meditate, pray.

Hear the higher wisdom, listen to the message contained within, feel the response to this information truthfully and when the time is right act upon the inspiration.  Life is truly mysterious and magnificent. The beauty of life is simply waiting for us to find that original spark within and nurture it so it becomes a beacon, a true celebration of life, lighting our path with love and joy.

in the spirit of love, peace and light