Paramahansa YoganandaParamahansa Yogananda of Self-Realization Fellowship said , “You must not let your life run in the ordinary way; do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world. Show that God’s creative principle works in you.”


I find this to be a wonderful and inspiring thought. So why do most human beings hide their light, their unique gifts and talents from others? Perhaps they do not know what gifts they have been given or how to access them.

With a world gone upside down with greed, fear and repressed emotions it stands to reason that many people have forgotten their own true nature. And at the same time this makes it all the more imperative that we come to realize and embrace who we are and the knowingness that God dwells within us.

The time is at hand to begin to express our true divine nature to help restore balance to our own lives and to the world. As we grow and heal through the transformation of our energies and the expression of our God given creative principle, we have a positive effect on others and our environment.


Discover what lies within you:unique and beautiful

In what way is the creative principle of God wanting to work through you? What has been nudging you for your attention lately? We are living in times that are asking, if not demanding, us to be who we truly are and to share our talents with others. If you have a sense of what this might mean for you and find yourself hiding it because of self sabotaging thoughts such I am not good enough, I can’t really do That, only a fool would expose such ideas, I don’t have time and so on, NOW is the time to course correct. Begin to send love and thoughts that support God’s creative principle in you so it may work for you. When it begins to work for you, you will discover that you have simultaneously paved a path that serves and gives to others as well.

The simple fact that joy begets joy and peace begets peace offers ample inspiration that your happiness and the expression of your true nature is important to the whole of life. It begins one person at a time and it begins with you and me.  If our God given creative principle is not being given the love and attention it needs to express in this world, there is something missing. Our soul feels it, our spirit feels it. There is a lack of peace and joy and a heaviness we either ignore or haven’t yet put our finger on.


Self-Acceptance & Self Love makes for a better world:

Expression of God's creative principleSelf-acceptance and healthy Self Love are keys to our growth. When we all come to realize that who we are is an important part of the whole of life here on Earth, we will begin to cherish and joyfully express the creative God principle within us.  Can you image what a beautiful world we would live in? Take a moment and imagine living in a world where everyone expressed the love and creative principle of God within. Everyone would have enough with no need to hoard resources out of fear of lack. We would have no need to be competitive, which only causes separation, preferring unity consciousness and love.

We know our thoughts create our reality but that is only part of the equation. We fuel our thoughts with our passion, our emotions, our feelings. If we entertain a healthy thought but the feelings regarding the thought are not supportive, our ability to create and express that creativity will be diminished.

An example : Yes I can do this! that is the thought and yet the feeling supporting the thought is dread or fear of failure. So what do you do? Do you ignore the feeling and push it down hoping it will go away as you cover it up over and over again with the thought ‘I can do this”?

The answer is “No.”

To deny the feeling will steal energy from the ability to make ” I can do this” a reality. I would suggest that you explore the feelings of dread and fear of failure and dismantle the false belief that is fueling it. Release the fear, open for the light of God and embrace more of your personal power. This in turn will provide fuel to the thought “I can do this” in the form of excitement, confidence, love and hope. Your thoughts and feelings will come into alignment, and unify to express God’s creative principle in you. And when you do, the whole world benefits and I bet angles sing on high! Remember, God has given you this gift, the creative principle, so you may feel the joy of discovering it and expressing it in your own unique way. You are supported.

One step at a time takes you somewhere. One step at a time accomplishes something.

Where are you going and what are you accomplishing?

Are all roads leading to your happiness and full expression of your God given creative principle?

Are you ready to show the world that God’s creative Principle is working in you?

We all desire to live in a world where peace and love radiate everywhere and from everyone.

Remember you are an important part to the whole of life.

in the spirit of love and peace