Join me in an experiment or exercise if you will, aimed toward the healing of our waters. The focus for this is Fukushima Japan and the waters effected by this meltdown. Many of you have heard and remember this event. Please do not get caught up in the drama, the fear, the anger, the blame and so on.

Feel what you need to feel. Allowing your feelings to move in a constructive liberating way is what will bring about positive change. Do not get caught in the magnetic pull of the heavy negative energy. The intent here is to raise the vibration of the water. Direct the flow of love, the “I Am Love.” Let it pour forth uninterrupted by any of our personal qualifications that are less than love.

Understand the magnitude of the healing that is needed. The substance needing to be cleared, radioactive isotope cesium, is also present in the giant kelp off the southern coast of California. So you see, it is on the move.

Now recall Dr. Emotos’ work. He showed us how our thoughts have the power to change the crystalline structure of water and thus our life. As many of you know we are composed greatly of water.

Note to self: It is vital to my vitality to drink plenty of water. 
A dehydrated body breaks down on all levels.
before & after meditation

before & after meditation


Look at these two photos from the polluted Fujiwara Dam, Japan. One before and one after Buddhist monk, Reverend Kato Hoki, meditated for one hour.



Negatively charged thoughts cause the crystalline structures to become distorted and hideous. This is why I ask you to remain positive. Remember humans are composed of a lot of water. Perhaps you can think about that now and again. How do you qualify the energy that flows through you?

Look at the difference between these two thoughts, 1) you make me sick and 2) Thank you

two different thoughts

two different thoughts







See what I mean ?

Even if you are saying or thinking  “I am sick” you might want to remember this and reconsider 🙂

Now back to the exercise or experiment:  The goal here is to participate in the healing of the water. Every morning and every night send love from your heart to the waters. Know in your heart of hearts that the crystalline structure is rising in vibration. Have faith that the higher vibration is aligning with the divine perfection of God’s love. Have faith in the God within you and share this mighty love. Bring harmony where there is the appearance of discord. Bring health where there is the appearance of dis-ease.

As we heal the waters we heal ourselves; as we heal ourselves we heal the waters.

love, light, and peace