How do I get happy?

Come away from the periphery of life, the endless distractions of the outer world, to dwell in your Heart Center where God’s love vibrates unconditionally.

Happiness is our natural state. For those that have not been happy for sometime that may sound like a distant dream from another land. We have been living with high levels of unnatural stress and have come to some how think that is natural. It is nothing more than a by-product of our so-called modern world.

Peace and freedom are gateways to happiness. So why do we spend so much energy attempting to control forces outside of ourselves and so little energy consciously directing the flow of our own thoughts to align with inner peace and love? I think, in part, that we have been conditioned to look outside ourselves for peace, happiness, answers to our prayers and that has caused great confusion.


Two important things that will change your life:

1) Self-Correction

2) Self-Control

We cannot control anything outside ourselves. It makes us weary. As we grow weary we are less effective with just about everything we do. Attaining and maintaining the natural state of happiness becomes illusive.

Stop for a moment and consider what is worthy of your time and attention. This is where your energy will flow and if it is not bringing you toward happiness it is taking you away from it.

Some Practical and Basic Things:

We cannot function properly or feel happy if our life is devoid of peace. Quiet time, gentle exercise, healthy food, and proper sleep are basic human requirements for health and happiness. None of these cost much more than our time and attention. Even healthy fresh organic food is inexpensive when we look at the big picture. When we eat foods high in life force/nutrition we crave less and eat less and we are healthy. Disease is expensive.

beauty stimulates endorphines in the brainAnother way to arouse happiness is to surround oneself with beauty. This can be experienced as easily as getting out into nature, taking in a sunrise or sunset, looking at the moon, stars or beautiful art, listening to harmonious music, smelling fresh flowers, essential oils or taking in the aroma of spices from cooking, just to name a few. Making simple choices such as these positively affects our brain by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever. This in turn lifts our mood and we begin to feel peaceful.  Peace and freedom lead to happiness.

We must remember to play. If we take life so seriously all the time we will again become weary. Playtime can be with friends or alone. Anything that stimulates a carefree sense of creativity is playtime. Sing a song, jump a rope, doodle or draw a picture. Remember to keep it light, easy and fun. Happiness will surely find you and sink right in.

Quieting our outer reality, resting within, whether we choose meditation, yoga, a nap or a simple walk the reconnection of our body, mind, and spirit begins. As we feel more connected within we cultivate inner peace, which leads to happiness.

When the need for Change gets our Attention:

When it finally becomes important enough to make positive changes they will be made. When a person has had enough of the old way that has proven itself to be “less than” on many levels, the stirring begins to supply some energy to new possibilities.  Self-correction and self-control begin to receive attention and as it goes energy flows where attention goes. Self-correction is a key to our happiness. In the words of Buddha,” No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

Time for a ChangeSelf-control is another key to our happiness. More words from Buddha, “What you think you become.”  Know your thoughts and exhibit enough self-control to maintain healthy positive thoughts. Allowing our minds to muddle in self-pity or fan the fire of anger and resentment is a path that leads away from happiness. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Doubting oneself does not lead to happiness. In fact, it drains the energy necessary to accomplish what you would like to do. When we are weary we do not make good choices. When our energy is drained self control and the ability to self correct go out the window. So you see our happiness is linked to some rather practical and basic things. (mentioned above )

Happiness paves the way to Manifest your desires:

happiness will pave the way to manifestingWhen we are experiencing happiness we are on the threshold of manifesting our hearts desire. Don’t let the little things get you down. Choose some of the simple things I have shared with you here in this post and keep yourself up. Take care of the basic needs of the body; keep yourself up. Pay attention to the nature of your thoughts; keep yourself up. Nourish your spirit; keep yourself up.  Acknowledge the needs of the inner child; keep yourself up. In the words of Yogi Bhajan, “ Keep up and you will be kept up.”

I like this verse given to us in the Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 6 verse 5)

Lift up the self by the Self
and don’t let the self droop down,

For the Self is the self’s only friend
And the self is the Self’s only foe.

Everything in our outer reality resonates with the strong steady vibration within. What message are you sending out into the world? Look around and you will see it reflected back to you. Master yourself by allowing love to flow through you unobstructed. When the strong steady vibration within is the vibration of love we experience happiness quite naturally. Happiness is our natural state.

Love Astara