How powerful are you?

Our energy effects things large and small, seen and unseen. How powerful you are. How powerful we all are. We are one. This truth may fall from our lips easily, but the greater challenge is letting this truth really sink in. Certainly, another truth is, we are individuals. I want to address both.

We are living in times of great unrest and a glimpse into history confirms this isn’t the first time. So, here we are in 2023, repeating and amplifying destructive tendencies. Evidently, the time has come for us to realize we play a part in the overall energies expressing on earth. Whether we are doing so consciously or unconsciously doesn’t change the fact that we are powerful co-creator in this world.

Mirror Mirror

You, me, and everyone are contributing to the world in ways great and small. We are making it what it is so start your day with a smile. Say good morning to a brand-new day. Go to the mirror and look at yourself. Love yourself because you are love. Don’t spend a moment reciting your faults. Instead I invite you to say this, “ I am contributing to the overall energy on planet earth. Today I am contributing ( x y z ) Fill in the blank. Whatever you have decided to consciously contribute, whether it be inner peace, creating some art, giving a donation, making a commitment to get along with someone or share a smile with a cashier; fulfill your daily agreement.

This is just one example of how to begin creating consciously because it is the simple acts of kindness to self and others that will begin moving the needle in favor of the light. Do your part by adding your light into the collective consciousness of our world.

 What does your personal space say about you

Take a good look around your personal space or spaces. An inventory of sorts. Additionally, look at the places you frequent. Be objective. What do you see? How does it feel? Write it all down. Not just the physical appearances but be sure to Include descriptions of the general vibe.

Finally, after you have written everything you are aware of, put each into 1 of 2 categories. Chaos or harmony. Create a plan to bring what lies in chaos into harmony. Love is harmony. It shows up in beauty, peace, passion, cleanliness, fresh air and so much more. This may take you a little time, but the commitment is for harmony in your life and adding harmony to the flow of the collective. Choose to do something to make the world a better place.

When something is nearing its end

Dark energy, its ugliness revealed in words, twisted truths, fork tongues along with the obvious and not so obvious activities has become much louder and with it more hollow. Much like the story of “The Wizard of Oz” which says “don’t look behind the curtain” all the noise is purposeful; emitting fear in order to control and manipulate.

When a person, place, or institution senses a loss of control; all the stops will be pulled out in a dying and desperate effort to maintain some semblance of control. The main purpose; incite fear making manipulation easy, thereby, regain control. Anyone caught in the pull of fear and its magnetic negativity finds themselves in a downward spiral of confusion, anger and bad decisions.

Part of the problem or part of the solution

The “problem” I speak of is any problem. Certainly it could be personal but it can also be global. With the spread of information and misinformation we have more data at our “beck and call” then ever before. We have opinions and feelings about many things everyday. Opinions, your thoughts, and feelings produce energy. The production of energy is related to how passionately you feel about something. Actions are powerful too. Be especially mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

                   Steady or Unstable

Loving life one minute followed by being beside yourself with hatred, anger, grief, or what have you, in the next, makes for unstable and random outcomes. Here is a scenario; you see yourself as a good person and likely you are, yet several times a day you think about or say something or do something that is not characteristic of a so called “good person.” It doesn’t mean you are not a good person. It does mean your “good person” vibes are becoming ineffective, diluted. Despite your good intentions and good deeds desirable manifestations are being eroded by your expressions, whether seen or unseen, that lack love and kindness. My suggestion is to pick which way you want to live and what you want to manifest. Steady as she goes. Become unwavering in your way. You want to be a kind and conscious person? Then be that unwaveringly.

You the individual

So as an individual ask yourself,” Am I part of the problem or part of the solution?” Remember the problem I am referring to can be anything from personal to global. Let’s consider the big picture and your personal circumstances together.

We all have an occasional day or few moments when we are feeling the edge of life. Perhaps a sharp unnecessary comment was thrust forward rather than taking some time to yourself. We are human so as part of the solution, it is your responsibility to course correct as soon as you stumble. Give offerings of encouragement, view life through the lens of truth, remain steady without judgment, make kind gestures, entertain good thoughts, acknowledge your stumble then rise up. This is what love looks like and what love is made of. Continue to practice the skill of rising up during difficult times because this takes courage and every life well lived expresses courage. Emanate the love that is in you. If this is the way and the path for you, you know you are part of the solution.

Something needs to change

From a global and/or personal point let me ask you, “Do you frequently feel fear, worry, anger, resentment, or other lower vibrational signatures? Are these emotions justified by you? Do you seek others with the same impulse to validate your anger or hatred? Is this energy building momentum in your life? When you wake up what is your first sense or feeling for the new day regardless of what you have before you?  Are you grateful from the start?

If much of your day or night is spent in frustration, angst for one reason or another, entertaining harmful thinking, doing things you know are not right and so on then, yes, you are part of the problem. Remember, you are affecting your life and all of life across the board. You are creating and you influence the whole of life, and our planet.


Once you come to realize “we are one” as a profound truth, make room for change. Make yourself aware of your habitual and random thoughts. Know what you are thinking and doing. If it is not in the light call forth the energy to change it.

Perhaps you have discovered you are part of the problem, please waste non of your precious time lamenting. Simply plot out a new course of action. Mind your thoughts, your words, your deeds. Start the day with a good thought and end the day with a good thought. Stay the course. You are necessary. You are important so please, become a consistent and committed part of the solution. We are one and we are individuals with free will. Small steps in this new direction will lead you to greater love and freedom.

How can I make this a better world

Stay clear of the noise. Take a break from social media, television, the news, people who like to argue and so on. Let yourself rise like an eagle above the chaos. Here is where you can manifest beauty and your hearts desire. Here is where you can gain clarity and direction. This suggestion applies to the personal struggles as well as whatever you may be entangled with on social media, the community, or the world scene. Even the butterfly effects the winds across the ocean. You are no less than that. What is your contribution to the collective?

 See yourself as a power for good

See yourself as one who helps raise the collective consciousness by lifting yourself above the noise and the fear. Everyday life provides plenty of opportunity to practice just that. If you allow yourself to remain in fear, progress for you and for the collective slows down. Anger begets itself as does everything else. Love begets love. What do you want more of?  Be that. Do not underestimate the effect you have overall.

We are in this together

Whether personal or global how you respond to news, happenings, and situations makes you are part of the problem or part of the solution. We are one. Once we go beyond the mere words used to convey this truth, we may grapple with the depth of its meaning. I think you can see how important you are. I hope this fuels you to make good choices. Please see how powerful you are and that small things add up to bigger things. We influence the whole of earth, the world in its micro and macro cosmic essence.

How absolutely thrilling!

For those who love, bring light, goodness and peace stay the course and always chose to be a part of the solution. Stay in high vibrations. Work out what needs to be worked out. Do it in the highest vibration you are capable of. Remember you are helping people you don’t even know and may never meet. To be a part of making this world truly beautiful in all ways, as it was intended, is an extraordinary commitment.  One that makes us stronger, kinder, more resilient as a person and then also as a society, the collective and beyond.

We may all be specks of stardust, but we hold the power to make a beautiful world for ourselves and for all.

Make the commitment

Commit to being your best self at all times. Remember what you think, feel, do, and say effects the big picture of life on Earth. Should you tip to one side or the other simply regain your balance with the love that you are. Then carry on. We are peaceful warriors.

Love Astara