Our True Nature:

our true nature is peaceful and happyOur true nature is peaceful and happy. When we resist our own nature we fall prey to anger, illness, depression and so on. I am writing this at a time that has me experiencing sadness and not sure what else but what I do know is that I am not feeling like myself.

This is a reminder, a call to my attention that I have over extended. I have gone beyond what constitutes balance for me pushing past my own nature. There are times in our lives when the circumstances life presents has us going beyond, over extending ourselves. The moment we recognize this we must be responsible, step back and regain our balance. This is a choice and a good one at that.

I am being given the opportunity to purify through my tears, revitalize through the choices I make at this time and be patient with myself until I regain balance. I must be patient with the circumstances at hand until this passage through the underworld is complete. This is a time to contemplate and with all that I know to be true, I embrace thoughts that will take me where I want to go. My desired destination: alignment with my own true nature and Source.

The Way of Love:

empower yourself with loveWe can no longer entertain thoughts of a negative demoralizing manner. That is not the way of love. I am already beginning to feel lighter. I know it is because I am taking responsibility for pushing too hard. I understand there was a family need and I am meeting the task at hand but in order for me to really do a good job from beginning to end I must regain my balance. That is what I am doing now.

Not a Good Choice:

Another choice could have been to continue pushing, telling myself I have no choice and then growing resentful and angry possibly even blaming the one I am helping. Clearly that choice has little to no love in it and the help I would be offering would be tainted with such negativity as to make the one I am helping feel bad. If that were the choice I made I would be falling even further away from my own true nature. To say I have no choice is a lie. Like I mentioned earlier, when we resist our own nature we fall prey to anger, illness, depression and so on. The truth is I do have a choice. We all have a choice in everything we do or do not do in our lives. We are being called to make good choices and that includes the times when we are greatly challenged.

The Truth of the Matter:

I remind myself that I am doing the best I can. At this moment of feeling my honest feelings no one else is suffering because of me and where I am at this moment. The time has come for all of us to practice what we know to be true. If we have gotten caught up in life to the point of being separate from our own nature then we have the responsibility of stepping back, taking stock of how we are spending our time, how we are caring for our body and so on. No one else is responsible for that. We are. And no one else should suffer because of it.

Certainly we can ask for assistance if we need it but when we find ourselves depleted and distant from our own nature there are several good choices we can make on our own exercising self-reliance. I chose meditation then journal writing which lead me to do some spontaneous yoga while listening to uplifting spiritual music. That in turn led me here to write to you.

prayer and meditationGrace comes to aid us when we ask for her. Our guides, Ascended Masters and Angels come to aid us when we ask. God hears our prayers. We can ask for strength, clarity, peace or whatever we seem to feel we need at the moment. When I am having a challenging day like today I call for help from above. I feel their loving presence. I am always guided to treat those around me with love and respect. Sometimes, like today, that means I have to say, “ I need some time alone right now. I will join you when I feel more balanced.”

This is my life. I am responsible for all of it and even though I find myself off balance, crying tears of release I say:

I Am Strength, I Am regaining balance and coming ever closer to my true nature. I Am the balancing breath. I Am love.

Now feel your own I Am Presence.

May the love that you are shine bright in good times and challenging times so you can see what constitutes a good choice with the power to make that decision.

May you recognize immediately when you have pushed to hard, gone beyond your true nature and give yourself the gift of self love to course correct and remember who you are.

We are love.

love, Astara

P.S. I wrote this a few day ago ~ today I publish it.  I want you to know that as the day went on I grew lighter still. Magical things came into view and resolved most of the challenges at hand. When you are feeling down don’t allow your thoughts and choices to go down with you. Feel what needs to be felt. Tap the strength and courage within you to direct the flow of energy in motion. (emotion) You are creating the life you are living with your thoughts and feelings. Direct your thoughts knowing you are creating. Liberate your feelings so they may expand and align with the vibration of love. Life is wonderful. Life is what we make it.  🙂