Love expands ones consciousness and existence. If an individual is living a life filled with fear and lack they have contracted their energy so much that they squeeze love out of their energy field. It is not gone. It did not leave them. They are not open to receive love.

Love is such a powerful and ever present energy. Love changes everything when we call it to us. Loves changes everything with grace when we allow it flow through us. When life is felt to be little more than one challenge after another love is still present, waiting to be received.

Love and Sex:

Too often sex is experienced in a state of denial. One can only love another to the degree they are able to love themselves. If unconditional self-love is not present denial is. Some people experience sex is an atmosphere of self-loathing and hatred. Some experience sex in an atmosphere of duty or as a way to obtain favor. Some experience sex fixating on the body parts they do not love and feel shame. And still others experience sex as a performance.

These are a few of the many ways people experience sex in a state of denial. In all cases what is being denied is the Source of love that never fails. In a perfect world everyone would experience sex in the presence of love. This makes for a very spiritual exchange of energy enhancing the life force of the couple as individuals and as a couple.

If love is present it is a worthy experience no matter how long they have known each other. Both people will feel the joy and powerful healing energy. If love is not present someone or both will feel shame, anger or perhaps nothing at all. This is a life depleting experience and one that comes with its own share of opportunities to learn about love. Some believe sex without marriage is a sin. Well that is for them to sort out. From my perspective sex without love whether you are married or not is a great imbalance that leaves both parties feeling depleted in a very short period of time. If we would only allow love to flow through us unimpeded we would be gifted with the experience of tremendous healing and life enhancing spiritual and inspirational energy.

Many deep wounds carried by humanity have something to do with sexual energy misused, abused and misunderstood because the true Source of love was not present.  Many people feel a need to voice their outrage at the choices some consenting adults make with regard to sex. Truth be told it is no one else’s business. Let love flow in your experience and make a difference in your life. When you allow love to flow through you and your life with grace there will be no room for judgments. The vibration you send into the world will be love and that is the most important thing you can do.

There is so much more one could say regarding this topic but I am certain you get the idea of what I am sharing with you here. Sexual energy is powerful. Misusing or abusing this powerful energy comes with consequences whereas enjoying the beauty of sex in the light of love comes with great rewards.

Love is ever present if you allow it.

Open to receive the abundant well spring of love and flow to your right place.

love, Astara