Good morning,  Good afternoon,  or

                  Good evening

At the present moment it is afternoon for me. I know a lot of time has past and much has happened since I posted anything on my site. Be that as it may, I practice Conscious Mastery and have for decades. It has been and is a part of how I live my day to day life. As I get more in the groove of posting I will share some of my personal journey. What I learned that led me to writing my book ” Conscious Mastery-Freedom From The Inside Out “ guided me through some very challenging and heart breaking times. That ” sharing” will be for other posts.

Present moment

Just this morning, I had several opportunities to stay on the light side of life as I was out running necessary errands. I know that grumpy people can sometimes bring you down but the real mastery comes when we check in with ourselves. This was my experience so, I asked myself, is my energy supply good? Am I in a good head space? And so on. You get the idea.  A simple little check in takes me to the next step. I recognize I am in a good space and my supply energy is good. What then? Whoever I am bumping up against energetically isn’t in a good space and has nothing to do with me. Key reminder: Don’t take things or other people personally.

I think it is important to give a smile or other such simple greeting without expecting anything kind in return. You may very well receive a kindness but that is merely a bonus. It is not your job or my job to lift the spirit of every grumpy person that crosses our path but it is important to A) hold your space and B) give what kindness you can before moving on.

Be aware of your thoughts

If you allow you inner thoughts to judge Mr. or Mrs. Grumpy then their negative energy is having an impact on you no matter how small. This can happen especially if you are “just holding your head above water” so to speak.

Simply recognize your judgy thoughts for what they are rather than agonize over it. We are learning, growing and evolving every day. Criticizing yourself after realizing where your thoughts went gives energy to what you don’t want. Plan of action: Redirect. Bring your thoughts higher. Guide your thoughts to include kindness and compassion for yourself and others.

You have heard it before :

No one knows the struggle of another. What is a problem for one could be a delight for someone else.  As much as we are all connected in the biggest scope of the universe, here on earth we are challenged with feeling separation on many levels. Consciously stay in a healthy loving mindset. That is something you can choose to do. Making that choice will positively effect the collective consciousness. Please never underestimate your contribution to the collective.

What if I am attracting it ?

What if the little check-in lets you see that you are carrying a dark cloud over your head. What then? In the way of Conscious Mastery you have made yourself aware. That is the most important first step. Secondly, you would need to be extra mindful of how you treat others that cross your path. Be mindful of your tone, possible lack of patience and so on. Master yourself in the moment. There is nothing wrong with having a grumpy day however, once you have reached a level of awareness, it is your responsibility to ensure you don’t treat others unkind or unfairly because of what you may be going through. It is quite likely someone will give you a genuine smile as you have done for others in the past. On the other hand,mustering up a genuine smile or kind word for another has a way of taking us out of our head and into the present moment. Something so simple can turn the day around for you and for another.

I have added a few posts from my Conscious Mastery facebook page. Short musings from me to you. Wishing you a wonderful day

love Astara