To release judgment frees our mind, to release emotions frees our Will.

an excerpt from “Conscious Mastery~ Freedom From the Inside Out”

Releasing trapped energy to live free!Releasing is a process of freeing trapped energy.  Trapped energy comes by many names such as blockage, old charge, old baggage, repressed emotions, shadows, inner demon, and so on. One of the by products of releasing trapped energy is the development of new perspectives and an expanded consciousness. Another benefit of releasing is renewed energy, patience, alignment with Source and true personal power, greater health, lighter attitude, and so much more. Emotion in its most natural state is energy in motion. Releasing pent up emotions can be done consciously yet often occurs when a person is triggered into a release via an experience. Conscious releasing begins with a desire for change. Recognition and acceptance of what has been denied sets the transformation into motion. It is a path that brings an end to suffering and confusion. It is a path that closes the gap between Source and ourselves. It closes the gap between who we think we are and who we truly are. A successful release brings light to truthful feelings as well as a new way of seeing and living life in physical reality. Energy is consciousness. Vibrations hold information. Releasing consciously as a means of transforming energy brings about healing and a movement toward wholeness. Many say this world is just an illusion. In many ways it is yet here we are walking, talking, eating, breathing, and relating in numerous ways both in this world and beyond.

So whether we think of life as an illusion or not I am learning how to be in the world but not of it. I find that to be an interesting and worthy journey. It is because I am “in this world” that I have found releasing old patterns, beliefs and pent up energy so important. It is in releasing all the dark and heavy invisible forces that I find myself experiencing more of the “ but not of it ” part of the statement which in turn makes being “in the world” so much more fun.

There comes a time when direct experience becomes the path and the answer. We can read and bring information into our mind, we can meditate and contemplate, all of which are valuable experiences unto themselves. Still, through it all it is our ability to experience what we feel that makes this Earth walk so fascinating and rewarding. Our emotions must be allowed to move, evolve and in so doing they bring greater awareness and true understanding, to the extent that we are open and ready to receive. The Will as much as the Spirit, must evolve. In these times of heightened awareness both are attempting alignment with Mother/Father God. When we are aligned, re-connected, with Source there is nothing about being in this world that doesn’t reflect our creator. A wise man once said “ Show me where God isn’t.” The birth of compassion tells us He is everywhere. Releasing that which blocks the light from illuminating our consciousness and blocks us from the truth is the path I share.

blessings love and liberation