A Journey of Forgiveness

Below you will read ” Return When You Are Ready “an original writing. Whether you consider this poetry or musing it is a creative pursuit.  When any artist focuses creative energy something will be produced. Many layers are stripped away while in the process, again when fine tuning and again when we eventually share our creativity with others. The use of creative energy for revelations, releasing and healing has been underrated. Creative pursuits reveal so very much. This writing is one such piece. On my adventurous road of self-discovery it became apparent many years ago that Forgiveness is a major key to wholeness.

   Return When You Are Ready    

I thank those that punished me with violence, cold showers, sleep deprivation. Abused me mentally emotionally and physically and those who harmed me through sexual abuse until I disintegrated.

I thank all those who spoke ill of me behind my back. Stabbing me then sharing your deceptive smile was no problem for you. It was a problem for me.

One that drove me to look at my shadows.

Now, at this point, self loathing was a ‘thing’ a very live wild ‘thing’ growing stronger every time I accepted and believed true all the ugliness that was battering me to death, breaking my spirit.

Did I fear? Did I hate ? Did I rage?

Yes indeed I did and with a fury likened  to a volcanic explosion! I have walked through the fire, scorched by heat so out of control and still I came out on the other side whole.

Twas a long and lonely road until I began to feel you, to hear you.

At first it was only once in awhile during my deepest despair, whispered answer to my prayers.   At first I didn’t believe what I was hearing or if I was hearing anything at all.

Then more frequently came the love as I began to accept the knowings that were sharpening my intuitive muscle.  I grew stronger I am growing stronger still. Ugly shadows in familiar forms of family, friend and foe beguiling and lying you have taught me well.

I am love,

I have always been love.  All of you have driven me to the deepest part of me where I did recover, remember, reemerge. My book of life is open and goes on but that chapter has come to an end.

I recognize your energy no matter what face you wear. As long as you continue to delight in delivering pain and falsehood you are no longer welcome at my table. For only love dwells here.

Return when you are ready. 🌟

love Astara

Final Thoughts

I  hope you gleaned something from this. Every situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity. What kind of opportunity is up to each individual. Choosing to grow and love because that is what we are here to do. Choosing to forgive because that is good for you and therefore good for the collective. That is my wish for you. Remember to put yourself in the mix. No one is perfect. We have hurt others too. Forgive yourself and them. When the day arrives that you can honestly, deeply thank those who hurt you; you are free.

The freedom that comes will lift your spirit and light up your soul. We are on this journey together. Whether we see or know one another matters not.

We are One in Love