Self Mastery is the ability to accept and make the most of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Self-acceptance is seeing and accepting things for the way they truly are, not the way we want them to be, hope them to be, or pretend that they are.

Self Mastery and Self Acceptance Go Hand in Hand :

Self Mastery and self-acceptance cannot be separated. To master the self one must have acceptance for the self. When unconditional acceptance for the self is embraced one begins to understand and master the ability to accept situations and other people for who and what they are. Change is inevitable. This we all know on some level. Yet we fear change and work diligently to prevent it. If acceptance were given as much energy as we give to resistance we would be well on our way to self-mastery.

Everything is Consciousness:

Everything is consciousness. A desire to master the Self leads to unconditional acceptance and unconditional love both of which create transformational shifts in consciousness and penetrating changes in our lives. These shifts resonate with love and joy lifting us as we move through the challenges in life with grace, understanding and ease. The journey of living actively and mastering the ability to manage daily life with greater peace and joy is in fact the earth journey as it was intended.

Conscious Living:

Conscious Mastery® encourages conscious living, unconditional acceptance and unconditional love. We must unite the splits in our consciousness that keep us separate from each other, ourselves and from Source. The splits in consciousness have influenced people in ways that have them doing and saying things with little insight and even less awareness.

Unite Our Consciousness:

The time is upon us to awaken, to lighten up and broaden our consciousness. What has been unconscious in the form of thoughts, motivations and actions must become conscious. What lies in the subconscious must rise up into the light and become conscious. What has escaped us in the realm of the super consciousness, the realm of Divine inspiration and the power of love must also become conscious to us. This is broadening the consciousness and a way to expand, unite and enlighten ones consciousness by aligning with the true Source of All That Is. Holding neither fear, shame nor glory provides a path well lit by the love of All That Is. With the light to see we can do this.

Within us is everything we need:

Self-mastery is truly becoming all we have always been. We have been aware of our connection and our love for our Creator. We have been given everything we need to support ourselves, heal ourselves, to learn and evolve if we would accept all of our selves with no conditions. There was time when we were much more conscious and connected than we are now. As a race we have also been far less conscious than we are now which is to say we are once again awakening from a long sleep. Thank God!

No Getting Around Self-Acceptance:

Unconditional acceptance is a must for change to be powerful, real and sustainable. Transformation is deep and requires no monitoring because it is true change. Change that requires constant monitoring is just not deep enough. Spiritual awareness and spiritual awakening brings with it the light to see things for what they are. This is not to say you like everything you see when the veils of illusion have been lifted. It is to say that you have acceptance for it and from this place of acceptance change and transformation becomes a reality.

Get Involved In Your Growth:

We must participate in our growth consciously and wholeheartedly. These are important ingredients on the path of self-mastery and Conscious Mastery®. In order to be consciously creating our life we must first understand that the power to be in charge of our life comes from within. It does not come from controlling what is going on outside of us. This includes people and situations. The idea that we can control what is outside our self is just another illusion.

Divine Assistance for the Asking:

I always encourage people to ask for Divine assistance. This can be done in meditation, prayer, expressing a heart felt request or whatever way you are moved to ask. When we receive Divine assistance through inspiration and opportunities we must act on it. We can ask for and find help in the form of a trusted friend or facilitator who provides a helping hand. Gratitude for assistance earthy or Divine is imperative. Ultimately transformation occurs because you applied yourself, persevered and made it so through your commitment to self-mastery and the conscious participation of creating your own life. Remember this is a journey with no end. Spiritual awakening and a true understanding of and use of our Will Power are the gifts of such a journey that brings no end to the wonders we will behold.

It’s Time To Become Leaders of our Own life:

Unconditional self-acceptance leaves no door open for the dark force energies of denial, judgment and guilt to have their way with you. These energies are always operating in the subconscious or unconscious mind emerging into ones consciousness with seemingly great authority and always a great disguise. Many people are controlled, led and manipulated by these unseen forces that create debilitating patterns in ones life. Self-mastery opens the gateway to open and free the mind from depression and judgment, free the Will and the Spirit from oppression, free the body from heaviness and abuse, and free the heart from heartlessness. We must become sovereign.

Why you may ask?

Because We Make

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We Can!

peace and love