A setback is always a gateway for growth. It is up to us whether or not we make the choice to grow from the experience. Do we see it as bad luck, failure, obstacle or do we see it as opportunity, reflection and possibilities for change?

Often the first question most people ask is, ” Why? ”

Why did this happen? Why me? Why now?

Wait For An Answer:

The answer key is stillness. It is quiet time. It is allowing the space for an answer to find you open enough to receive it. If one has the wherewith all to suspend judgment and blame, the purpose of the experience will unfold in ones consciousness. The understandings may not reveal themselves all at once but clarity will come.

If the mind tends to move into blame, shame or judgment begin to ask yourself some deeper and more direct questions such as ,” What am I to learn from this experience?”  “How is this a reflection of my inner world?” “What can I do to heal myself?”

Next: Remember the Answer Key ~

Stillness…. quiet time….remain open……   🙂

Find the Power Within:

To find the power within to both heal yourself from a setback and understand its role in your life one must feel true feelings. This is indeed a gateway for creating space necessary for higher learning to find its way into your consciousness.

A set back can be any number of things. What may be a tremendous setback for you may have no real effect on another. It is wise to realize everyone’s experience is unique unto them. In this way we can avoid comparing our wounds. Some tend to minimize the pain of another while making a show of how much more they have suffered. This is simply a reflection of little compassion.

On A Personal Note:

Just this month my family and I went on a much needed vacation. We drove 10 hours to Key Largo to camp, celebrate our sons 19th birthday and my birthday. Only three days into the trip and on our sons birthday we get a call that our home had been burglarized.

We packed up our camp and drove 10 hours the following day in the wind and the rain to come home and face the music.  We were sad, then we were angry. We went into the back yard and, like a small tribe gone mad, simply released our voices into the air letting all the rage leave our body. We then cleared our space inside and out with sage, drumming and song, then slowly began to unpack the van and allow the gravity of what had occurred begin to settle.

I asked, ” Where is the silver lining in all this?” Thou they took our computers, back up drives and more the first answer I heard was that the book I just finished had been saved. I sent it to the editor just before we left. My husband and I both work at home so what they did was take the tools that provides us our livelihood along with all the data that constitutes our work over the past few years as well as all our family pictures, video, all the music I had created and so on..

The Wise Does at Once What the Fool Does at Last:

The next day was my birthday. I woke up and before I opened my eyes I smiled and said quietly, ” Happy birthday to me.” It was a rather comical feeling at the time but I knew I had to simply walk through the experience with all my power. We, the family, agreed that our treatment of each other was of great importance and even thou we would feel frustrated walking through the process we were not to take it out on each other and we didn’t. That night we decided to get Chinese food since we were all a bit exhausted by everything. My fortune cookie read,” The wise does at once what the fool does at last.” I had to laugh and agree that I was no fool and this was a grand opportunity to practice what I know to be true.

It has only been 20 days since then yet we are all happy and Mother/Father God has supplied us with unexpected abundance and so quickly. We discussed what we have learned, each of us something a little different. We discussed the reflection this event was showing us and what was to be learned so it became liberating not debilitating.

The phases of grief, to anger, to emptiness and then the waiting for the emptiness to pass and begin the process of filling up once again has all transpired. I won’t say I feel 100% yet but I , like my family, have chosen to fill with the light of love. And so it is.

When Source is your source:

When your true source of supply is the Divine Source nothing is ever lost. Things may come and go, people may come and go but the true source of all that supplies you will never leave you. All events give us an opportunity to clear and clean house so to speak. It brings with it the opportunity to discover if we are on the right path or if we have strayed somewhat or perhaps lost our way altogether. It brings with it the opportunity to release what is ready for liberation and make room within us for more light that will surely illuminate our path.

What is within us, our love, our knowledge, our heart can never be taken. It is up to us to choose the path that heals and liberates us even further from the illusions of life and there are many. Be true to yourself and your feelings. Be responsible for the way you release your emotions. Be patient and remain open for the gems of understanding that will come and carry you further on this magnificent journey of life on Earth.

May we all be blessed and come to know, on yet an even deeper level, our true Source that supplies us endlessly.

Happy Thanksgiving   🙂

Peace, love, and good will to all,