Step One: Smile!

Smile! As soon as you wake up, even before you open your eyes, put a smile on your face. Whisper or silently say, “This is a great day thank-you for it.” The first time you see your face in the mirror in the morning smile at yourself. Every time during the day that you see yourself reflected in a window, in the mirror, or in someone else’s eyes smile at yourself. Magic Will happen! 🙂

Step Two: Breathe

Breathe! As simple as it sounds breathing is one of the most important conscious steps we can take. Many people breath very shallow or hold the breath during times of stress. This unconscious habit makes it difficult on the organs and our system as a whole to move out toxins and remain healthy. Many people hold their breath during exercise. The breath is vital to getting the most out of exercise. It keeps one conscious of the body to aid in preventing injury. Deep breathing after a work out can prevent muscle soreness. Breathing is key for clear thinking and stress reduction. Breathe…

A breath exercise:

Start with simple deep breathing exercises. Breathing in to a count of 5 and out to a count of 5. Create a rhythm so the inhalation and the exhalation balance and flow. When you control your breathing, you control your nervous system. There are systems of healing utilizing breathing including qi gong and yoga. Proper breathing is a prerequisite to overall health increased awareness and to further mind-body exercises. You can do this before breakfast, while you are stuck in traffic, waiting in line at a store or your lunch break. There are so many opportunities to instill this simple practice of becoming conscious of your breath. See for your self!

Step Three: Drink Water

Drink Water! Dehydration has been implicated in numerous health problems including high blood pressure and foggy brain function. Proper hydration is vital to clear thinking and overall health and vitality. We are hydro-electrical beings and without enough water we will surely short circuit mentally, emotional and physically. Drink pure water as part of the conscious daily care of your body. You can be the inspiration for your whole family. Most children do not drink enough water. Make sure yours do. Their bodies will love you for it.

Step Four: Exercise The Body

Exercise provides numerous beneficial effects on the immune system, glucose levels, and mental health.  Exercise deepens the brain wave activity, quiets the fast paced beta brain waves and assists in alleviating stress. The mind often engages in information overload and inner conflict. Exercise is a type of mediation that has the ability to quiet the part of the brain that keeps us from accessing higher wisdom. It does not have to be over the top and you do not have to belong to a gym. Take a walk or do simple stretches. Just begin to connect with your body through some form of exercise and let it develop naturally.

Step Five: Meditation

The most traditional method of sitting quietly and bringing your attention to your breath is tried and true. However, this may prove to be uncomfortable for many and truly it is not the only method. Walking can be a meditation. “Meditations on CD” work well for those that find it difficult to quiet their mind. Becoming involved in a creative project has many meditation benefits. The purpose of meditation is to deepen our connection with Source, our higher self and expand our capacity to vibrate with the attitude of gratitude. Find a method that works for you.

Step Six: Relax and Close Your Eyes

Relax and close your eyes. Relaxation is a conscious choice that requires you to deactivate the sympathetic nervous system, which is associated with the flight/fight syndrome of the base chakra. Think of it in terms of consciously bringing all parts of your self to rest in order to rejuvenate your system. Use your imagination and see how you are in charge of quieting all that you are so you can successfully recharge and rejuvenate your whole self. Close your Eyes. This simple yet impactful choice creates a bridge between your unconscious and conscious mind. It is soothing to the nervous system and will bring an opportunity for your natural creative and intuitive energies to rise into your conscious awareness. Close your eyes, relax your mind and body. Feel the power of regeneration and rejuvenation. You will look and feel younger.

Step Seven: Get into Nature

Get into Nature. Nature is the most natural way to bring peace to a mind that is over stimulated and a body that is stressed. It has a magical way of shifting our negative mind set into a much more positive one by simply communing with Her. The more we deprive ourselves of this basic gift the more we find ourselves filled with stress, anxiety and all the symptoms that accompany a disconnect from Source, All That Is. Give yourself the gift of communing with nature and share it with your family or friends. Get outside, go for a walk, bike ride or sit under a tree and listen to the sounds of nature. Connect with Mother Earth and share thoughts or prayers of gratitude, after all we are living upon this amazing alive feminine planet that simply and purely loves and supports us.

Help yourself and you will have helped everyone that comes in contact with you including Mother Earth!

peace and love