Many before me have talked about the magic and healing powers of the creative process. In fact, more people are talking about it than ever before. Even better more people are accepting it as a truth. What are the three stages of truth? A German philosopher named Arthur Schopenhauer, is credited for identifying the three stages of truth as: Stage 1- It is ridiculed, Stage 2- It is violently opposed, Stage 3- It is assumed as self-evident. I will be so bold as to say for many of us the healing and magic of the creative process is now assumed as self evident.

The creative process is vast, encompassing many things. People vary greatly. How the creative process touches, effects, influences a person is entirely up to them. The journey is to find what turns you on. Is it words, clay, cloth, music?  What does it matter? except that it matters to you. The creative urge picks up momentum with the power of your attention. The creative project (process) begins to unfold nudging you towards your supplies, your place, a time so you can bring your creation to light. While in the creative flow time moves differently. You are in a space of open mind, open heart, open eye; each single. Single minded, one eye looking from the one heart. Herein lies the magic. It is not a job it is a blessing, a gift that always gives though the subtlety may be lost on the creator. Sometimes we forget it was all about the process. The beauty, joy and the healing lay in the process of whatever you were into. There was no time or space to consider thoughts like; how do I sell it, will anyone like it, will I get some approval. I think quite natural some or all of those thoughts pop up for us to examine when the project is complete and sometimes even prior to completion. When you open your heart to your creative process this introspective query becomes another layer of healing. I would suggest not overlooking this because how you feel about your creation and sharing it will certainly help you cross a few bridges. Sharing creative projects with anyone takes courage. It is a worthy step. A fast track to knowing yourself and others better.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to have fun with it. If you have a strong inner critic; silence her/him. Let your heart be free of demands and commands have fun, be daring, be bold, take chances with your creative project, hang out on the fringes and abandon all notion of perfectionism. Everyone who gives themselves fully to the creative process finds the magic and the healing.  Be open for the many ways in which they show up.

Love Astara

post photo (Astara) Original titled: “A Forgotten Place”