The neutral state operates from a place of order, fluidity, and centeredness. If Order is Heavens first law, allowing ones self to be in the neutral state can and will bring a natural sense of order to ones life. The neutral state is a creative state of being. From the neutral state one can create and build positive patterns moving toward what works and away from what does not.

In the neutral state there is a growing sense of patience with no need to rush or push things through and no need to swing wildly from one polarity to the other. In the neutral state a renewal of innocence occurs. This is demonstrated in the ability to participate in life without attaching to outcomes. It is also felt as a growing sense of trust in ones ability to create and live the life they desire.

See The Big Picture:

According to Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa, D.C. ‘the neutral mind rules and integrates all parts of ones self. It evaluates the input of the positive and negative mind and gives us guidance within 9 seconds’. If our mind is busy swinging between polarities, from the positive state to the negative state or simply remaining in one or the other with no neutrality we can easily miss the direct guidance that attempts to reach us.

He also says: The neutral mind can see the big picture and how all parts of life have been necessary and perfect, because they have lead us right to where we are now.

Expression of a Strong Healthy Neutral Mind:

When the neutral mind is strong one is better able to make decisions and integrate life’s experiences finding meaning and gaining understanding. Organization comes in an organic fashion without undue labor or striving. In the neutral state the individual begins to feel the essence of the flow, the love that longs to move through us unimpeded. The expression of compassion, integration and service  represent a strong and healthy neutral mind. Here, one is allowing the sacred flame of inspiration and insight to penetrate matter bringing new understandings by cutting through the illusions of life.

Quiet the Mind

Access the Soul:

There is a necessity for quieting the busy life and mind if one is to feel and express the joy of life.  It is in this way one can come to experience the neutral mind and neutral state of being. Tending to the garden of our own nature and finding the heart that beats within is vital to our overall well being and wholeness.

Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa, D.C says that ‘the neutral mind helps us access our soul so we may look with compassion on the whole play of life, which allows us to serve others from a place of great elevation’.

Unconditional Acceptance~Unconditional Love

The place of great elevation is a place of unconditional love and unconditional acceptance. Man must know himself in order to know God. When that day arrives the Divine expression of unconditional love and acceptance will be our expression. When Man truly loves himself the reflection will be all loving. When Man accepts all of himself the reflection will be full acceptance. Until real feelings are accepted real healing will most certainly escape us.

In the peaceful yet potent state of neutrality, where order and centeredness exist naturally, finding acceptance for our feelings and our self is possible because there is no resistance to “what is” only an awareness of it. In the creative neutral state and in the neutral mind we are better able to receive Divine impulse assisting us in the design of positive patterns that will be reflected back to us in our daily life. We will discover and recover our talents, which is God’s gift to us. The positive patterns we design will include the expression and sharing of those talents.

The Time is Now:

Isn’t it time you let go enough to feel this neutral state for at least five minutes of every day. The place where there is no busy monkey mind leading you into yesterday and tomorrow. To rush and hurry about, if only in our mind, is an expression of fear. Be here now and pause in the neutral mind and state of being. Relax and trust. Come to know yourself, your true feelings and your truth as sincere expression has potential to alter the dynamics within the fields of energy. Allow your sincere expression to be one of love, peace and joy.

love, Astara