healthHealth is a common topic of conversation. People may focus on their emotional, physical or mental state of wellness or lack there of. For health and wholeness to be a reality we must pay attention to all parts of ourselves. This is easier than one might think. We have a whole day to tend to our whole being.

We do know change is upon us and many of us are making changes in our life on many levels. It is time to look a little deeper at who we are as a whole person, what makes us tick so to speak. Caring for ourselves from this whole view perspective, we will be able to rise to the occasion should change come unexpectedly or consciously create a successful plan for desired change. Gaining an understanding of ourselves as a whole being instills a knowing of what is good for us. This includes what we feed our bodies.

 Here are some simple daily considerations to embrace that done over time will build momentum leading to an overall healthy lifestyle.

 meditationPractice meditation: Our emotional, mental and spiritual wellness will increase with as little as 3 minutes a day. Meditation has proven to increase the feel good part of the brain, just one of the many benefits. 3 minutes a day every day is far better than 10 minutes every once in a while.

Practice yoga or simple stretches: This simple daily commitment can be as little as 10 minutes a day. Yoga or simple stretching bridges the gap of separation we feel within ourselves. It calms, soothes and strengthens the nervous system and balances the immune system. You do not have to take a class to get started you simply have to begin stretching your body.

Beauty-of-nature-Take a walk: Get outdoors. Walk in the sun, the rain, under the stars or the moon. When we choose this simple pleasure for 10 minutes over television or snacking we begin to feel a deeper more connected sense of ourselves.

Alone time: We can get caught up in the hustle of everyday life fulfilling the needs of family members, work obligations and so on. 5 minutes a day to call your own will shift the way you feel. It can be spent with a good book, writing in your journal listening to music or, engaging in something creative.

socialize Socialize: We are social beings and need to interact with other human beings. Computers are wonderful but they do not take the place of human interaction when it comes to total wellness. Alone time is necessary but isolation is detrimental to our overall health.

What feeds the spirit; our very soul is everything we do to care for our physical, mental and emotional self. We are whole and connected. It is time to consciously consider all parts of ourselves. Carving out small segments of time on a daily basis to care for our whole being will build momentum making total wellness a joyful reality.


love and light