Self discovery is a term many more people are beginning to embrace with a sense of curiosity. Some are more than curious. They are down right interested in understanding what makes them “tick” so to speak. They want to know why they make the choices they do, why they act and react as they do and why people treat them in certain ways. This blog post on Self-Discovery is targeting our emotional nature at present.

Should you take this 3 part journey, which includes an audio meditation, you will discover more of how you currently express yourself, how your thoughts and feelings are in harmony or not and how your way of expressing yourself brings about experiences and responses from those around you.

Please take whatever time you need to travel through all three parts. Make this time of Self~Discovery enjoyable and life affirming. It is a journey that leads to personal power, spiritual awakening and inner peace. The more we come to know our true authentic nature the happier, more peaceful and less stressed out we become. Every one of us is a beautiful talented and powerful being.

Brief Overview:

Part 1 is 15 questions all relating one way or another to your emotional nature at present. Write down the questions then thoughtfully answer each one. Remember this is about you in the current time line. It is not what used to be or what will be. It is what is. Nothing more nothing less. When it applies, write as much detail as you can.

Part 2 is asking you to notice more. Contemplate your answers. If you were not able to answer all the questions the first time around because you do not know what the answer is, simply begin to notice more. Let the questions be a guideline to assist you.

Part 3 is a guided meditation, visualization that takes you on a journey of amplifying the emotional aspects you are happy with and guides you to shift the ones that are not so much to your liking to a higher vibration. At the end of part 3 two audio links are provided for you so you may relax into the meditation. One short 6 min and one long 15 min.  🙂

Here we go:

Be as honest as you can. There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions. There is only the simple, naked, uncomplicated truth. This journey of self discovery is meant to be done on your own. If, after you have finished all three parts, you would like to get feedback from a trusted friend or share go right ahead. But first let this be just for you, from you and about you with no outside influences.

Self-Discovery Part 1

1) What emotion do you express the most?

2) What emotion rises to the surface the fastest when you are faced with a challenge?

3) What emotion rises to the surface the fastest when you are let down by outside circumstances?

4) What emotion rises to the surface the fastest when you let yourself down?

5) Do you freely express the emotions from questions 1-4  or do you hold them in?

6) Do you laugh easily?

7) Can you laugh at yourself?

8- Do you laugh or find satisfaction in the misfortunes of others?  If so, in general or someone specific?

9) Are you quick to anger?

10) Do you use a lot of sarcasm when communicating?

11) Do you listen when someone is talking to you or are you distracted with your own thoughts? How does that feel?

12) Are you able to express your emotions honestly?

13) Do you express some emotions but hold back others? If so, list the ones you chose to express and the ones you chose to repress.

14) If you repress your emotions, is it a conscious choice or does it just happen? Explain this to yourself.

15) Does your ability to express yourself (honestly or at all) depend upon where you are and who you are with? If so, write down the situations to gain a clear perspective of what you are doing and why.

Self-Discovery Part 2

Notice More: When we discover more about ourselves we discover things we would like to change and characteristics we really like about ourselves.

The journey you take while answering these questions also sheds light on areas where you might not be as honest with your feelings and therefore yourself as you would like.

You might discover ways that you have been unconsciously unkind, distracted or not present in much of your day to day activities. Any awareness that you gain is designed to assist you in your overall growth, wellness, joy and personal power. This is not an opportunity to be hard on yourself. All of humanity has done more than their share of beating themselves up. No more! Use this to love yourself into a higher vibration by becoming more conscious and aware of the way you express yourself and of your surroundings. Take the time to contemplate your answers. Notice how you handle your day to day. Notice what emotions express through you most often. Become more aware of the tone of your voice. Notice how you feel through out the day. Notice more.

Self-Discovery Part 3:

Based on your answers from part 1 make two groups. Group one contains the emotional aspects you express and like. Group two contains all “out of balance” emotions, all emotions that you hold or repress and everything you discovered that you would like to change.

Guided Meditation:

Find a comfortable place to relax where your body is happy, comfortable and you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes. If you can not find 15 minutes less time is better than no time so do the best you can. Pull a blanket over yourself so you do not get a chill.

Begin to focus on your breath and allow your eyes to gently fall back away from your eye lids. For the next three breaths (inhalation and exhalation is one breath) simply feel your own natural rhythm. For the next three breaths deepen both inhalation and exhalation as much as you can. Now return your breath to your bodies own natural rhythm.

Gently roll your eyes upward as if you were looking out the top of your head. Hold for a moment and relax. Now imagine you can see 2 beautiful air balloons hovering in the air right in front of you. The first one is a beautiful Sapphire blue. The second one is a brilliant Sunshine yellow.

Bring your attention to the beautiful Sapphire blue balloon. Begin to place everything from group #1 into the balloon. If you don’t remember them all simply imagine them all finding their way into the balloon. When you have finished you will notice the balloon begins to rise up high in the sky. Watch it until it disappears from sight. It will return but for now it is gathering additional light and love amplifying all the attributes placed in the balloon.

Now bring your attention to the brilliant Sunshine yellow balloon. Here you will place everything from group #2. If you don’t remember them all simply imagine them all finding their way into the balloon. This balloon rises up gathering warmth from the sun. You notice the balloon is beginning to glow. You may even feel some heat coming from the balloon as it gets warmer. Inside the balloon a change is taking place. Everything that was placed in the balloon is being penetrated with light and love. Allow the alchemy (the change) to continue until you notice the gentle return of the first Sapphire blue balloon. This lets you know the transformation of energy in the Sunshine yellow balloon is complete. They are both glowing and return to hover right in front of you.

As you look at them you notice they are moving closer to one another. Now they begin to merge. The two balloons become one beautiful Emerald green sphere. This Emerald sphere comes closer to you and as it does you open your heart to receive all the love and light it has to offer you. This is your energy after all, purified and filled with more love and light. Breath deeply and welcome your new higher vibrational energy home to your heart.

Say a quiet prayer of gratitude. May you be blessed with a wondrous journey discovering more of your emotional nature.

Air Balloon Meditation_short this audio file is 6 minutes.  🙂

For those who would like the longer version, (15 minutes) click here. You will be directed to my other site, click the Free Download button and enjoy!

peace, Astara