Distant Circles

It has taken me a long time to begin growing
Be patient for I am yet a bud unfolding
Reaching down to my depths
Releasing feelings kept in shadow
as I become less fearful and more honest.

Yes I am only human
what a pity to be burden with weakness
born to flesh and bone.

I want to fly, to soar like an eagle
taking in with deep devotion
the vast beauty surrounding me.

I want to glide on a current of air
to feel the wind in my face and my hair.
I want to soar without a care.

When in time I get to strange for you
I am already probably to strange for me

That means one thing

I need more space…..I will find new ground in Distant Circles.

Creative energy facilitates growth and understanding:

Creative writing is just one of many ways creative energy helps us tap into the flow of Source energy bringing understanding and insight. Tapping into creative energy reduces stress, awakens our spirit and stirs our soul from sleep. It carries us onward as we heal from the separation that causes us distress and dis-ease on so many levels.

“Distant Circles” flowed through me many years ago. It helped me understand the internal signals that occur during times of growth and recognize the necessity for healthy alone time to stretch, feel, express and evolve without interference from outside sources.

A Little Time To Yourself Is Healthy:

It is perfectly alright to secure some alone time when your energy is moving in ways you are not yet able to understand. State your needs to those closest to you in a manner that is kind so you may be heard. Honor yourself even if those around you are challenged to do so. It will be better for everyone concerned.

Experiencing growing pains is challenging in itself yet often becomes more difficult when we are surrounded by well meaning others needing us to explain ourselves when that is not yet possible. This is the time when we speak our truth and reply,” I am growing and need a little time alone.” It is equally difficult to stretch and grow when we are told to “snap out of it.” Maybe snapping out of “It” works for some and so be it. However, for many of us this is not a natural part of the process.

Are we willing to provide the nurturing and care our souls require so we may blossom in a way that is graceful and informative? Can we tap into the creative energy for the purpose of connecting with Source and discovering more about ourselves? Can we set our souls free and play as we grow? The time is upon us to do so. We have everything we need within us to make this part of our reality. Let the creative energy flow through you. Self-discovery, spiritual awakening and the awareness that you do indeed create your reality will be some of the rewards.


I no longer feel it a pity to be born human. It is a gift and a blessing. Until the words flowed through my pen I didn’t know I quietly carried the false belief that being human was an inborn weakness. The energy of this unconscious belief was a vibrational match for dissatisfaction other limitations to happiness. Once I became aware of this hidden force I consciously decided it was time to appreciate this Earth journey and began to cultivate inner strength and courage.

The flight of the eagle became my own spirit as I realized the limitations in my life were my own making. I see the vast beauty surrounding me. I am grateful.

Since then I have honored the signals for retreat even if it meant a 10 minute time out for a walk or to write in my journal. Rising early in the morning to ensure quiet alone time for yoga and meditation is a sweet way to remain connected to the flow of creative energy and True Source. Not all retreats require a week-end or a few weeks although I must say there is much benefit in extended periods of retreat time. Simply put, do not over look the small creative retreats that can occur at any time if you allow it. To wait until you can do an extended retreat can have you holding energy rather than expressing it creatively. Why wait? 🙂

It is my intention to encourage everyone to use the creative energy in whatever way feels best. We are able to receive heart felt guidance when we surrender to the flow of our creative spirit. Whether we are painting, singing, working on a car, coloring, knitting, writing a song or poetry or creating a meal, the love that flows with creative energy is undeniable. The flow often transcends our idea of time, so don’t entertain the illusion you have no time to play. Allow the creative juices to flow. It fills us with peace as we connect with True Source. We discover more about ourselves and how we are creating our reality every day, one day at a time.

Let yourself out to play in any creative way that makes your heart sing.
Become a conscious creator in your life.
Life is good 🙂

Love, Astara