power of prayerThere is an old African Proverb that says “ When you pray move your feet.” I think it is telling us it is time to apply action to the things we know to be true and the tools we are gathering to assist us in our evolution. Too often we underestimate what we are capable of and what we really know yet some how it nudges us for our attention.

A simple example: You know that saying mean things to your self about yourself is detrimental to your overall wellness yet when life presents an opportunity for you to change that dialogue you give obedience to the old way. Then something deep inside stirs and tells you ‘being kind and gentle with yourself is better and will lead you to peace rather than turmoil’. If we give our attention to the new way it is a way of us “moving our feet.” The very moment we find ourselves doing or saying something that is not resonating with love we have an opportunity to course correct. Rephrase that thought, make a better choice. Step back from an old action and readjust to a better way. We can put one foot in front of the other literally by choosing to take a walk instead of eating something to ease frustration or by praying for someone we don’t understand instead of cursing them. And yes, with a little practice it becomes easy. With a little more practice you will find yourself making good choices and entertaining healthy thoughts from the get go.

positive changeTime to Move our Feet:

The time is now to become interested and curious about life, what we can do with it and what we can do in it. Become curious about how it feels to experience positive changes through our ability to direct our attention and energy creating a life that makes us smile with happiness and joy.

We have heard “ God does not give us more than we can handle.” Another way of saying this is: The challenges life presents comes with the power to master it. God dwells within and as such everything we need to create the best life ever is within us.

So why do we see much of humanity stressed, angry, and unhappy?

Let Go Let GodThis brings me to another well-known phrase “ Let Go and Let God.” Letting go is an action. It is not pushing something down pretending it doesn’t exist or forgetting that is exists. It really means “let go.” What we are holding must be released or let go of so the energy can literally lighten up.

Jesus said,” If you bring forth what is within in you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” Old pain, out grown beliefs, shame, guilt and so on weigh heavy upon us, robbing us of our vitality, our joy, our health and our natural creative impulses. What we hold in the darkness of denial and forgetfulness is powerful energy that belongs to us but is not readily available. This repressed energy begins to work against us manifesting everything we do not want from ill health, disruptive relationships, to poverty.

energy flowingEnergy is meant to flow:

We are designed to fulfill our life’s passion, purpose and destiny. One purpose we all have in common is to be happy. Happiness is an expression of our true nature and is found in the deep acceptance of the self.

To allow energy to flow we must open up and remain open. Two keys to releasing energy and allowing it to flow freely once again are self-acceptance and forgiveness. Like the vessel over flowing, there is no holding, there is flowing and growing in the vibration of love. As we let go some things come to an end, others expand into something new and a shift in our perception of what matters to us comes into view. Addiction, attachments and possessiveness always lead to frustration and suffering. We must learn to let go.

The path of healing my emotional, mental and physical bodies is one I have taken for the past several decades and why I sub-titled my book Freedom from the Inside Out. We don’t fall into situations randomly. Our total being vibrates a message out into the world and outer reality responds to that with a like vibration. Our beliefs, patterns of thought and our emotional nature make this so. At any time we want to know what is going on inside of us we can look at our outer reality, bearing in mind it is a reflection of our inner world.

In my book “Conscious Mastery~Freedom From the Inside Out” I approach the topics of denial, judgment and guilt for the sole purpose of helping others discover ways to recognize these invisible forces and put an end to the vibrational patterns they produce. These patterns are seen in the disease of the body, stress, unhappiness, depression and so on. All of this is an expression of lost alignment with God and with our natural state. We forget our God Self, the God energy within, making our outer reality (money, relationships, possessions, position/career etc.) the source of our power and happiness. This misconception is what leads us to disease and unhappiness.

Let peace emanate  from your being:

emanate peaceOne of the best ways to create consciously is to be at peace. The more peaceful we are the more likely we are to hear and understand the prompting of our quiet inner voice. Inner listening is a vital step to tapping into the guidance we all seek and many of us pray for. There is an inner teacher within us all as well as an inner healer. Listen to the message of your heart and get to know the divine teacher/healer within.

We have the power of choice. Our power to choose and to act is one of our most precious gifts. It is an asset given to all and when used in the light of love and kindness is immeasurably powerful. Our Will, when free and aligned with Divine Will, becomes an important attribute to peace. Peace within and peace all around us.

We can choose to look within and discover some amazing things about ourselves. Meditation brings peace of mind. As one thing follows another, a peaceful mind opens the door for inspired thought and the energy to put inspiration into action. These times call for action, conscious, well-guided inspired action. We must remain true to ourselves. Remaining true to ourselves will attract others who accept us as we are. We can trust our feelings and live according to our inner truth. It takes courage to stand up and believe God is working through us. It takes even more courage to move everything we have been holding out of the way so God may work through us unimpeded. We are not alone and never have been. Love has never left us nor abandoned us we have unintentionally prevented it from flowing through us.

The time is now to meditate, pray and move our feet.

in peace, love and light