What could be more uncomfortable than unexpected or unwanted change? Procrastinating and denying the change that calls for your attention. Both add weight to our mental, emotional, physical and subtle bodies little by little. You barely even notice until one day it seems harder to get out of bed. Then it seems to be a bit more challenging to get through the day with a cheerful demeanor. Life begins to appear dull. Life is a beautiful magical gift but that truth drifts into the recesses of your mind. You wonder why you feel the way you do?

The unsung hero was ignored. Take note, change came about anyway. You gave no conscious guidance, thought or direction. Change came with subtle hints now laced in the fog. You busied yourself, made excuses for things that were calling out for change, investing in your fear instead of yourself. Still change came and now you feel the outcome of having ignored the unsung hero.

Change can be uncomfortable. Change can be exciting.  You choose.

If your attention flows toward fear of change leading you to ignore it something more shocking will present itself. If you feel your comfort is more important than your growth, it isn’t. No matter how you want to paint the picture, change will happen with or without you to guide the events. Be willing to face the challenge head on, see what is coming, remain calm enough to sustain clarity in the “as yet” unknown territory.

Pay attention when the unsung hero knocks at your door. It really doesn’t matter what it is because whatever it is, it is important. You are being given a timely message. Accept it as such. Allow the unfolding of your next steps. The universe is not asking you to jump off a cliff. You are being called to pay attention and when you do you will feel the universal support come in waves of the “next best thing to do.”

Benefits of embracing the unsung hero

Your decision making skills will improve. You feel empowered as you move in a new direction. The right path will be evident soon enough. You begin to witness your growth, new opportunities, your strength, as you allow the old to die and drop from the vine of your life force. The release of the old along with new growth and opportunities bring with it a resurgence of energy, joy, excitement and the remembrance once again that life is truly a gift.

Change is the unsung hero.

Change ushers in a new and better life yet the fear so many have when change comes knocking on the door makes it appear more like a villain than a hero. The unsung hero is the champion of a better life. Embrace rather than fear the journey. You will discover your new growth supported in unimagined ways. You can go kicking and screaming if you choose to deny, ignore or procrastinate the promptings. The result is a more difficult journey.

Is the unsung hero calling you? Breath through your own fear of change. Allow the information packet to reveal its contents. You might not see the whole plan laid out all at once. You will become aware of small doable steps that grow to become leaps. The next steps come when you are ready. Stay alert. Trust. Relinquish your fear. Embrace the unsung hero, change.

love Astara