(written, produced and performed by Astara Summers)

Be     (Just as I am)

You are the wind.  You are the rain,

I see again Able and Cain

You are the fruit I gather dear. You are the One. You are the tear. You are the sky.

You are the sea. You are the One telling me

Telling me it’s time to Be Authentic me, it’s time to Be just as I am  Just as I am

Enjoy the moment a timeless drop, breathe in the life giving water.

Oceans, rivers deep and blue, when I thirst I will go to you.

You are the stars, you are the sun, You are the Love You are the One

Telling me it’s time to Be authentic me. It’s time to be just as I am…just as I am…

Go to you just as I am…I’m going to go to You just as I am

To Consciously be, accepting the self completely is thee place to begin any and all transformation or healing. It says that where we are is where we are. What we have become is what we have become. Good, bad, or indifferent doesn’t really matter, but accepting where we are and who we are does. Accepting the self on every level and in all areas of life is the starting point of transformation, healing, growth, evolving and becoming authentic. The authentic being that stirs within rises to the surface for our attention, for our love and is calling out to us so we may fully emerge for the highest good of our selves and all of life.

To align with Source, Mother/Father God, just as you are right now is knowing that everything you have ever done and everything you have ever thought has brought you to this very moment. There comes a time in every persons life when the raw truth shines through the veil of our illusions for our liberation. It is not meant to blind us or hurt us. It is meant to set us free. If we could only embrace that light of truth without excuses, judgment, shame and all the rest that keeps us turning away and ignoring this higher vibration we would be on the fast track to our own well being and wholeness.

This song was riding on the waves of the Pacific Ocean and flowed into my heart. I had just finished doing yoga and began meditating to the sound of the waves on the shoreline at Huntington Beach, California. It was in the early 1990’s during a time of great change and a new expanding consciousness of the vibration of unconditional self-acceptance.  Alignment with Mother /Father God is and always will be essential for me on the journey of evolving as a being on Earth. And as such I sing this song to the Divine. May you be blessed and Be aware of your blessings no matter how big or small.