It seems there is something or someone that comes along and strikes us in such a way as to motivate us to wake up and dive in. Such motivation for me was finding love and my true voice. My heart and my voice had been buried beneath life’s experiences that were too overwhelming to feel at the time, yet whispered from some deep dark corner of my being. A faint glow of a near dead ember tugged at my heart one last time then suddenly I dove in. Renewed with great desire to feel my heart and hear my true voice before it became lost to me forever, I began the process of physically, mentally and emotionally unraveling and breaking down everything that stood in the way of the true expression of myself  and the love within that longed to be free.

The journey led me through passages of every conceivable denial, judgment, hate, fear, and pain that I had unconsciously carried for way too long. I had no idea how much trapped energy was waiting for my attention, waiting to be liberated. I didn’t expect this level of power to wash me under, wash me over and wash me through breaking me down and shattering everything I knew my world to be.

Blind yet willing, I looked within and prayed unceasingly for guidance. Sometimes I followed my guidance and other times I didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t for reasons I did not yet understand. Each time I followed my guidance the results were in favor of my highest good, my growth and my true desire to hear the truth, to know myself, to reconnect with Source once again.

Songs came to me and through me.  Open to receive them, the vibration healed and transformed my thoughts, opened my heart, released my voice and freed my Will. Perseverance brought me home to my heart.

As clarity follows chaos I discovered Mother/Father/God had never stopped loving me. I stopped loving myself. They had never left me; I was blind to Their presence. When I returned home to my own heart Mother/Father/God who now has ultimate room within my heart to live, expand and express love through me was there waiting patiently.

Is there something calling for your attention? Is there something tugging at your heart wanting to express through you? Is there a desire to open and explore the deeper parts of your self?  Do you fear it will shake up your world and change things in ways you can’t see? This is your life. Change will come as it always does. Some of what lies hidden within are gifts and talents undeveloped. Allow creative energy to move through you. Be who you are, all of who you truly are not just small parts that are safe just making it through each day. Embrace the change. Listen to your true inner voice that guides you perfectly out of the darkness and into the light of your authentic Self. From where I stand, I can say, there is no greater achievement in life than to be the love that beats in your honest open heart and to feel the fullness of love a true connection with the Divine brings. The path of unconditional love and unconditional acceptance of all that you are will take you there. There is no better time to begin and no better place to start then where you are right now. Where it takes you is anyone’s guess. The good news is the truth sets you free so spread your wings and get ready to fly.

Candle in the wind- artist John Enright…Arizona