Practice this visualization exercise of healthy self love as often as you can:

Choose a quiet time when you will be uninterrupted and a place where you can sit comfortably.

Inhale deeply and exhale with a big sigh.

Do this a few times until you are very relaxed and breathing deeply.

Imagine that you are going scuba diving. Expert divers are with you to help you travel into the depths of the ocean. It is a safe trip where you’ll be protected and guided along the way. Visualize yourself putting on your oxygen mask and dropping under the water, going deeper and deeper toward the bottom of the ocean.

There, you come upon a large, shining chest. With the help of your fellow divers, you bring it to the surface, where it pops open to reveal a most beautiful, radiant, glowing model of you. As you usher your other self out of the waves and onto the shore, the model breathes the fresh air and comes to life. You are faced with the replica of yourself that has your exact shape and looks exquisitely beautiful, radiating love, vitality and vulnerability. Your skin is soft and tender; your expression is serene and gracious. There is golden light all around you.

Take off your scuba gear and walk hand in hand with yourself up the beach. As you breathe in and out, while walking gently on the beach, this beauty envelops you and you merge completely with your higher self. Allow this experience to bring vitality and great poise into your walk, grace and strength into your  posture, become conscious of deep rhythmic breathing that sends a message of health to the cells of your body. Feel a true deep love for all that you are filling each cell with every breath.

As you breathe in and out, become comfortable with the knowledge that you are beautiful. See the world with new eyes. Feel the joy of becoming more of who you truly are. Anchor this feeling of expansive love and beauty in your heart center and care for it as you would a newborn babe.

When you open your eyes, you may wonder if  this new feeling will fade or leave you. Do not worry.  Simply breathe, revisit the beach and anchor your beauty in your heart. You might experience profound changes in your self-image and in the way others respond to you. What you can behold you can become. The love you feel will be reflected back to you in many unexpected and beautiful ways. May you feel peace with every breath and be eternally blessed.

Love, Astara